Job offer: No whingers wanted

Why is this a story?

He didn’t say no gays, no blacks, no women. All he said is he doesn’t want whingers.

A Mosgiel man has advertised work for a pest controller on Trade Me with some explicit points about the type of person he wants to employ.

“Mustn’t be a whinger,” he writes in the job ad.

Duane Trafford runs Mosgiel-based pest control company, Predator Contracting LTD.

He needs more staff to run the company and has laid out the type of person he wants to employ in clear language.

“I am looking for possumers…not pig hunters…not people that tried hunting once…and thought they liked it…and thought they were having a midlife crisis..and decided they needed to get out of the office…..but Possumers……!!! ?

“Now by Possumers..I mean people that can work as part of a team….Come back to accommodation at night and NOT WHINGE!!!! Can start the day with a positive attitude and not WHINGE!!! Can talk to other members of their team with respect and not WHINGE!!!! I don’t want s***-stirring whingers!!!”

In exchange, Trafford is offering: “A BLOODY JOB!!!!! and the chance to do something other than sit on your arse.”

Trafford explains the work is carried out in tough terrain, in adverse weather, and that he’s not about to baby anyone.

“They need to understand that there are prickles…and theyre outside….and they’ll get wet hair…and wet socks…and cold…and hot….and thirsty …and hungry….and that I’m not their bloody mother,” the listing says.

Spot on. Big fuss over nothing. Who wants whingers in their employ.