Just in case you missed it on the news, here is an updated list of the latest Clinton emails

The media never ignored my hacked emails…but amazingly they are ignoring everything to do with Hillary Clinton.

Truth Revolt has compiled a list?of what has been revealed:

DATE: As of Monday,?Wikileaks?released its tenth?batch of Podesta emails, which can be accessed here.?

**Newly added email topics will appear in bold-underscore,?at the top of the bullet-point list featured?below. This post will be updated regularly, so please check back. Readers are also welcome to send us emails or links for further investigation.?

Conservative and independent bloggers, social media users and Trump supporters are likely doing their best to sift through and disseminate the information contained in these emails and it is easy to lose track.?In order to simplify, we’ve compiled a brief roundup of the?more damning subjects?the?Podesta email chain seem to broach.

The following?list is not exhaustive and includes:

The proof is irrefutable. Mainstream media are engaged in a concerted effort to sway the presidential race and elect Hillary Clinton?the next President of the United States. That’s why each and every?major outlet is currently attempting to?divert attention?away?from damaging information revealed in hacked emails originating from Clinton campaign chairman John?Podesta.

And media wonder why no one trusts them anymore.


– TruthRevolt