Justin Trudeau should have decked him

Justin Trudeau man-handles an attacker

Justin Trudeau manhandles an attacker

What is it with weak-kneed liberals?

Justin Trudeau should have decked him. He would have gone up in the polls for doing so.

A man accosting Justin Trudeau was immediately shut down by the prime minister himself on Friday in Ontario.

Trudeau had just left from visiting Picone’s Fine Food in Dundas, when the unidentified man tried to get in his face.

A series of photos show the 44-year-old Leader of the Liberal Party with his hands placed on the man as the two appear to exchange words. ??

The man, who look seemingly frustrated, did not make any further moves as Trudeau stopped him in his tracks with the placement of his hands on his shoulders.

One of the guards with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) also stepped in to help prevent the man from getting any closer to Trudeau.

As his guards stepped in, Trudeau took his hands off the man and stepped away.

The incident was quickly settled and no one was arrested. It’s unclear why the man was upset and why he approached Trudeau.

Nonetheless, the Prime Minister seemingly handled himself in a professional manner, as no one was injured.

Justin Trudeau is?a bit of a pansy. He possibly should have had his Defence Minister, Harjit Singh Sajjan, along for the ride.

Before politics, Sajjan was a detective investigating gangs for the Vancouver Police Department and a regimental commander in the Canadian Armed Forces decorated for his service in Afghanistan. Sajjan was also the first Sikh-Canadian to command a Canadian army reserve regiment.

Harjit Singh Sajjan

Harjit Singh Sajjan

-Daily Mail