Katie Hopkins calls CNN the Clinton News network



I thought for a second that Katie Hopkins was going to make the interviewer cry when she called CNN the Clinton news network but she is not the first to accuse CNN of a serious political bias. Bias is also alleged in an?article?with the headline?These 7 CNN Tweets Show That They?re The Clinton News Network.?

CNN has been subject to allegations of attempting to influence viewers, as opposed to an unbiased approach to political journalism.


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Trump?s posts on Twitter come after Breitbart News contributor Julia Hahn noted that CNN erroneously reported that Trump?s statement that Clinton wanted to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country was false.

CNN?s Tom Foreman stated:

He was talking about this in reference to the Syria program in context of his speech. So let?s look at the reality there. President Obama has said he?d like to get 10,000 Syrian refugees in here by the end of September this year. Yes, Hillary Clinton has talked about increasing that substantially to 65,000 people being brought in in the near term. Still, that is not hundreds of thousands of people out there. And more importantly, she has said that none of these people should come in without the most stringent screening and vetting process. Now granted there are security analysts who say it?s very hard to have an infallible system and especially hard when you talk about Syria where the civil war makes checking the backgrounds of people very, very, difficult. That said if you look at his overall claim: hundreds of thousands, no checking whatsoever, that is simply false.

But as Hahn noted, CNN?s?fact check report?was?wrong, writing, ?Foreman distorts Trump?s statement to change its meaning. Trump did not say that Clinton would admit hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. Rather, Trump said that under Clinton?s plan the U.S. ?would admit hundreds of thousands of refugees from the most dangerous countries on Earth.? [emphasis added].?

?Trump made clear that these were refugees coming from multiple ?countries?? i.e. plural? not just Syria,? Hahn added.


In this video CNN are accused not just of Media bias but of media activism in order to help get Obama elected. Ironically back then “race trumped gender” and the liberal media chose Obama over Hillary because they were on a historic ?”noble ” mission to get the first ever black president elected.