Key gives $180k to NZ writers. How odd. I thought Catton said there was zero support?

The corporate welfare from the Key government just keeps on flowing, this time, it is the luvvies who benefit.

This might be the motivation?needed to get onto?that book you’ve been meaning to write.

Three New Zealand writers have been announced as winners of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Literary Achievement, and will each?receive a sweet prize of?$60,000 from Creative New Zealand.

But one book won’t be enough to get you there – the awards recognise writers with a body?of acclaimed work.

Those honoured for their?outstanding contribution to New Zealand literature this year are?Marilyn Duckworth for fiction,?Atholl?Anderson?for non-fiction, and?David Eggleton for poetry.

They join the likes of NZ literary royalty Janet Frame,?Joy Cowley, Patricia Grace,?Margaret?Mahy,?Sam Hunt,?Bill Manhire, and?playwright Roger Hall as winners. ??

The awards, which began in 2003, are based on?public nominations and are?assessed by a literary expert selection panel, before?the?winners are decided by the?Arts Council of Creative New Zealand.

New Zealand writers are also able to nominate themselves.

Arts Council Chairman, Dr Dick Grant, said was?important to?honour New Zealand writers in this way.

I should have?thought having their books bought was the best form of honouring. It seems though that everyone has their hands out on the bludge from the government these days.

I just bet Eleanor Catton will think this si away too little, too late for her feeble socialist mind. After all, she thinks that New Zealand is “dominated by neo-liberal, profit-obsessed, shallow and money-hungry politicians who do not care about culture.

It turns out that one of those “neo-liberal, profit-obsessed, shallow and money-hungry politicians” has just dropped $180k in the laps of luvvies like her.


– Farifax