Key moves to mitigate Winston’s inroads into law and order

Law and Order issues are normally the purview of National. But last week Winston Peters made a big play towards addressing those issues in his speech to the Police Association.

Winston Peters promised tougher sentencing for violent offences and 1800 more Police.

John Key has seen the risk and has moved quickly to attempt to mitigate.

Prime Minister John Key says he understands concerns about law and order – saying as a parent he worries about his daughter getting hassled or even raped.

This morning, he told Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosking that there was “no question” that more frontline officers helped, but that was only one factor and the overall structure of policing needed to be considered.

“You really need is to take a bit more of a sophisticated approach and say, ok, let’s just accept there are more resources…let’s talk about how do we deliver what New Zealanders really want, which is not just a number…that a politician barks out at you.?

“Personally, as a parent I do worry about my son going out and getting attacked on Saturday night or king hit by someone who has had too much to drink.

I do worry about my daughter going out and potentially being raped or hassled.

“I think if you go to parents and say, in those big metropolitan areas or wherever it may be, actually there will be a bigger police presence on Saturday night, then I think New Zealanders start saying, ‘I agree with that’. If you are in small town New Zealand where they might not have the services.

“My point is, let’s just have a little bit of sophistication around what we are delivering. And we will definitely deliver more resources.

He’s even used the same words as Winston Peters.

He is also seeking to find some middle ground between Andrew Little’s promise of 1000 extra police and Winston’s 1800 extra. Whichever number is chosen it will certainly be higher than Little’s number and Andrew Little will have been gazumped. Another policy idea stolen, first by Winston Peters then by John Key. Little can’t catch a trick and is now faced with insurrection from Twyford who is calling for capital gains taxes when Little has ruled them out.


-NZ Herald