Key’s cunning in backing Clark

It was left unsaid by the left-wing as Helen Clark forlornly tried to head up the UN, supported by John Key. The left-wing would have been cringing but wondering what to say about the support of the devil incarnate for Saint Helen of Mt Albert.

Danyl McLauchlan has discovered the cunning of John Key.

Domestically the big winner in all this is Key, who got to demonstrate to a couple hundred thousand female swing-voters what a progressive, balanced women-leader-supporting, generally great guy he is. It?s conventional wisdom on the left that Key et al are morons, and the left is morally and intellectually superior, and?I?m not sure how this squares with Key and his party constantly doing very smart things, and the left?s?parties and leaders mostly, consistently being pretty dumb. But we have all those withering take-downs of neoliberalism and books on Gramsci! It?s almost as if we congratulate ourselves on metrics that have nothing to do with success in modern democratic contests.

This, of course, echoes what Theresa May said about Labour.

Winning is what matters, and right now Labour and the left-wing are losers because they treat voters like they are stupid for voting for John Key election after election. One thing is for certain, that until they start treating voters with respect then they are going to continue to watch John Key pillage their support.

Unfortunately, Danyl’s commenters then set about proving what he said was right. Here is but one example:

Yes, but every smart thing the right does is: a) a cynical act of evil; and b) done on the advice of their big business masters or Crosby Textor. Moral and intellectual superiority is retained!

The point went right over his head didn’t it? But then, like he was struck by lightening he comes back with this.

I think that?s become a bit of conventional wisdom to folk commenting on Labour as much as John Key being a moron is the conventional wisdom on the left. They want to get elected but there seems to be a strong disconnect somewhere between their perceptions of what people actually want from a govt and the party membership?s view of what will be popular with the people. I think the conventional wisdom on that is too much time spent in social media echo chambers but who TF actually knows.

Now that is the truth.