Labour are dead in the water – now resorting to reheating old policy

It is a sad political party that reheats yesterday’s dog sick as policy.

Political parties are being urged to stop quibbling over definitions of child poverty and start working together to do something about it.

It’s become a burning issue since Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft threw out a challenge at the weekend for child poverty to be cut by 10 per cent a year.

The government doesn’t accept that any one measure is accurate and says it’s better to focus on the causes of deprivation.

Labour says that’s cowardly and party leader Andrew Little is going with Judge Becroft’s figure of 149,000 children in poverty.

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Mr Little say Labour is re-committing to its 2014 policy that gives most parents of newborn babies $60 a week until they’re a year old.

The Best Start policy was announced by former leader David Cunliffe before the last election.

“It’s as relevant today as it was then,” Mr Little said.

Labour has accepted Judge Becroft’s challenge and Mr Little says his party will eventually end child poverty.

“It won’t happen in one term, we would be lucky if it happens in two terms,” he said.

Labour has no show of ending child poverty, but I’m glad Little has made that statement so he can he held to it year after year when they don’t achieve it. You see the calculation for so-called child poverty means it will never be ended.

Poverty as defined in New Zealand are the households that make less than 60 per cent of the median disposable income.

Because it relies on the mean it can never be eliminated. Well done Andrew Little, you’ve just committed your party to an unattainable goal.

The only way it is possible is if the poor stop breeding. Is Andrew Little advocating for mass sterilisation?


– NZNewswire