Labour’s man ban exported to UK


NZ Labour and UK Labour share lots of ideas. The pledge card was one. ?Cash for access and honours is another.

Now it appears another idea has been shared…the ill-fated Man Ban.

Men should be banned from running for Parliamentary constituencies on behalf of the Labour Party until there are an?equal number of male and female Labour politicians, a Labour MP has said.

Asserting that female MPs were likely to be the biggest losers from the upcoming boundary review, outspoken socialist MP Jess Phillips has called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to bar men from standing in elections until gender parity has been reached within the party.

?I think the Labour Party has to make every seat an all women shortlist until we get equality,? she said.

?Currently 44 per cent of Labour seats are held by women. We want 50 per cent equality in this party, and for Jeremy to commit to this on the public record.? ??

The government is currently preparing to reduce the number of MPs in the House of Commons from 650 to 600 by the next election, with Labour set to take the biggest hit thanks to their domination of urban areas, which are currently overrepresented. It is set to lose around 23 sitting MPs.

?Women are more likely to have a marginal seat so when your boundary shifts, you?re more likely to lose your seat,? said Phillips, MP for Birmingham Yardley, according to theEvening Standard.

Her comments came at a committee meeting at which representatives from each of the four main parties in the Parliament ? Conservative, Labour, Scottish National Party (SNP), and Liberal Democrat ? agreed that there should be gender parity in Parliament.

Currently, the House of Commons is 71 per cent male, with 459 men and 191 women, The Guardian has reported.

Jeremy Corbyn, appearing on behalf of the Labour Party, told the committee that Labour may well introduce all-women shortlists to increase its female representation.

?We are determined to achieve 50% representation and our national executive will be considering this urgently at my request,? he said.

?It may well be we intervene to ensure there are all-women shortlists or, in some cases, make sure women are added to shortlists to ensure there is that choice there.?

He added that his party would be taking steps to ensure ?50 percent of women?s representation in the next parliament?, raising the possibility of all-women shortlists, or women being added to shortlists where applicable.

I can’t wait for Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for being a man as well.

Meanwhile back in New Zealand Labour is still hankering for representation of women to be 50% in their party. That means that Any male list MPs on current polling will simply cease to exist. Andrew Little will take the top list spot and then in order to make their quota work the next 5 places need to be women before David Parker and Trevor Mallard?get a look in. If Those two are placed higher then you know that Labour’s commitment to equal numbers of male and female MPs is a fraud.


– Breitbart