Let there be no more whinging from media about Fiji after travel bans removed for ratbag journos

Fiji has removed the travel ban on two Kiwi ratbag journalists.

The Fiji Sun reports:

Foreign journalists who were previously banned from entering Fiji are now allowed to enter the country.

A Government statement said: ?The Government originally instituted these bans, because it believed that some journalists had crossed the line from journalism to political advocacy and had inserted themselves into the domestic political debate.

The three journalists who had been banned from entering Fiji were Barbara Dreaver, the Pacific Correspondent for One News,TVNZ, Sean Dorney, formerly an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC/Australian Network) Journalist, and Former Fairfax journalist Michael Field. ??

?The Fijian Government has lifted any remaining bans on individual foreign journalists wishing to visit and report on events in Fiji,? the statement said.

?Any journalist is free to visit the country and report without restriction after they are accredited in the usual manner by the Department of Information.

?We have established a robust democracy in Fiji and have no fear of honest criticism or critical reporting of events in the country.

?But the Government reminds foreign journalists of their universal obligation to report events fairly and in a balanced manner.?

I’d say that shows considerable goodwill towards these ratbags. Personally, I wouldn’t have done that, but the Fiji government seems to be moving on.

The question will be for the New Zealand media to see if they can move on. Somehow I doubt it.

Let’s see what Field and Dreaver do now.

I suspect they won’t change their ways, it is so ingrained in them to be negative towards Fiji and PM Bainimarama.