Marlborough’s new Boss Hogg still wants an investigation

The old boys network is back in charge and still throwing their weight around in Marlborough.

A full-scale inquiry into a?leaked recording made in Marlborough council chambers was cut short because it would have been too expensive, it has been revealed.

The inquiry ground to a?halt?before the elections last week, with no councillors or staff members identified as the source.

Newly-elected?Marlborough Mayor John Leggett said he would have liked the inquiry taken to the next step, so suspicion was lifted from?innocent councillors and staff.

However, chief executive Mark Wheeler said?it was dropped after?the likelihood of getting an outcome was weighed up?against the expense of carrying on.

I’d love it if John Leggett took this further. I have more recordings and video, I’m not so sure he’d want those out there, especially the video.

The recording was made in April but appeared on the right-wing blog Whale Oil in September, which used it in an attempt to discredit Leggett.

All councillors, and?staff members present at the meeting,?were asked to?sign?a declaration stating?they were not responsible.

Everyone signed the declaration except?former councillor Jessica Bagge and re-elected Blenheim ward councillor Jamie Arbuckle.

Both denied responsibility for the leak.

Leggett needed to be discredited. He was an arch-supporter of the dodgy, expensive but world class theatre. His team was filled with theatre luvvies and in private, when he thought things were secret he described the theatre as a dog.

Local media failed to hold anyone to account, probably because their two largest clients for advertising are the Council and the Theatre. Local media were cowards so people in the region turned to me.

The two councillors who were bullied weren’t my source, but these Boss Hogg types just won’t let go.


– Marlborough Express