Media support of Clinton helps Trump


When the criminal hacker Rawshark stole and supplied the material for a dirty politics political hit on the National Party and Whaleoil the Media Party grabbed hold of it with both hands. They believed that they had a smoking gun that they could use to destroy National’s chances in the election. They were already in boots and all supporting Kim Dotcom’s bought and paid for Internet Party and the hack seemed like Mana from heaven. Considering all that they had National should have been destroyed by the relentless Media Party attacks but the public did not react in the way the Media Party expected them to.The American?Media are having the exact same problem with the voting public. Their relentless Pro-Clinton and Anti-Trump rhetoric?is having the opposite effect. If Trump wins a large part of the credit should go to the American Media.

…that Trump and Hillary are running neck and wattled neck is graphic evidence of the fact that about half the population hates so-called journalists and is voting accordingly.

That hate is destroying the media?s business model, and they are scared. You can see it in their frenzied doubling-down on the same foolishness that made us hate them in the first place. We complain that the media hacks are taking sides and they publicly reject objectivity. We complain about biased moderators, and their moderator rejects moderation. We complain that they favor the liberals, and then they all swoon over some Venezuelan bimbo while studiously ignoring Hillary?s track record of treating the women abused by her hubby like garbage. Actually, it?s not even just ignoring Hillary?s perv enabling ? as I found out, the media tries to silence any mention of her shameful behavior.

screeshot Gab-Whaleoil

screenshot Gab-Whaleoil

…It?s all lies, all manipulation, all the time. And as the hep kids say, the American people are getting hella woke to it.

The media is composed of liberal transcriptionists taking Democrat dictation, and we all know it and we all hate them for it. And every time they lie ? which is always ? we hate them even more. Worse for the media, more people ? not just us conservatives but non-political and moderate people ? see the same thing, and they are joining in the hate. When the guys at the soccer game are talking about how the media is full of it, we?re winning.

See, a big part of Trump?s success… that his candidacy is essentially one big mooning of the media by half of America.
…The liberal establishment survives only because it controls the mainstream media propaganda machine.

…So let?s kick out that leg. Let?s go right at the media poohbahs, those puffed-up hacks and self-important dorks who are desperately trying to keep a grip on power as their own incompetence plus the relentless advance of technology conspire to consign them to much-deserved irrelevance.

…The media is already dying, terminal due to new technology and its cancerous contempt for its audience. So let?s pull the plug. Cancel your newspaper subscription, if you still have one. And tell them why. It has an effect. Years ago I told the sad sack taking my LA Times cancellation that I was quitting because if I wanted to read Pravda I would prefer to do it in the original Russian. And he came back with a scripted response explaining how the LA Times was unbiased and fair to conservatives and blah blah blah. In other words, I wasn?t the first unsatisfied customer.