Media using Saint Helen to beat up John Key


The deification of Helen Kelly by the media has been epic. ?But that’s not good enough. ?Now John Key has to defend himself against a dead person – care of the Media Party

Prime Minister John Key wanted to pay his respects to Helen Kelly at her civic memorial service in Wellington on Friday but his trip to India means he won’t be in the country.

Kelly, the former president of the Council of Trade Unions (CTU) died of lung cancer on October 14, aged 52.

Family and close friends of Kelly knew the end was near when her condition rapidly deteriorated earlier that week.

Looking back on the life of trade union leader and medical marijuana campaigner Helen Kelly, who has died of cancer.

Key, who is in New Delhi promoting New Zealand businesses and trying to get momentum behind a free trade agreement with India, said he “almost certainly would have gone” if his diary had allowed it.

“My understanding is Chris Finlayson’s going and Michael Woodhouse. It’s great those ministers can get there and there may be others who go as well.”

“Personally I want to go and pay my respects but I can’t do that,” he said.

The Prime Minister and his delegation will not return to Auckland until Friday night.

She spent the last bit of her miserable hate filled life slagging him off. ?I bet if he died she’d be dancing on his grave. ?The difference between the left and the right.

How many months ago was the India trip locked in?

Was he supposed to put everything off until she croaked?

Why not have the memorial on Monday? ? It’s not like she is going anywhere.


– Jo Muir, Stuff