Men subject to a Man tax, yes really

It’s not racist when Black people do it and apparently, it is not sexist if the victims of inequality are men.

Nothing says gender equality quite like selectively taxing people because of their gender, and a Manhattan pharmacy is on the cutting edge of it.

In protest of America’s sexism towards women with the?well-debunked?“gender wage gap,” the?Thompson Chemists pharmacy of SoHo?have announced?that all male customers will be subjected to?an extra seven percent “man tax.”

Take that, patriarchy!

Starting Monday, the pharmacy began posting the following signs in their windows: “New store policy: All Female Customers Shop Tax Free”?and “All Male Customers Are Subject to a 7% Man Tax.” See below:



According to the store’s feminist owner,?Jolie?Alony, she implemented the “man tax” to?”level the playing field” against America’s sexism and also?to show support for?Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump.?

“We thought it?d be a great idea with all the political things going on?with Clinton being such a woman and the other guy and his womanizing,”?said?Alony. “We wanted to share that women deserve to get a break, and men deserve to be charged 7 percent more. Women are spending more in general and we make less, so we deserve to have a break.”

According to Alony, some couples?”were a little upset about it, saying, ?F***?you,? ?You?re being a sexist,? and to get a lawyer.”?

She doesn’t care, and said in response to that:?“We live in a big world, and I think we need to raise awareness.” And taxes. On men.

The gender-based fees are a violation of New York City pricing laws but Jolie?Alony explained that in reality, she is offering a discount for women by cutting out the 7% sales tax. I wonder how she dealt with transgender women who visited her store?