Misleading headline about NZ Online schools

The headline says, Treasury issues warning over risks of online schools in NZ but when I read the body of the article it revealed no such thing. The concerns mentioned were about the US online charter school model which is not the model on which the new COOLs are being based. Misleading is too kind a term for what that headline actually is. The warning from treasury has NOTHING to do with what Hekia Parata is supporting.

…Documents obtained by Labour reveal concerns by Treasury officials that there were “risks” if students already under-achieving at school signed up to online learning.

…Labour education spokesman Chris Hipkins says taking schools and teachers out of the education equation won’t work.

But the Education Minister’s office says the Treasury report raised concerns in relation to the US online charter school model, which is not the basis for COOLs, and they won’t come into force until the end of 2017 to allow time to design a “robust” system.

…Naenae College principal John Russell said on Friday the whole thing was “scary and devoid of any humanity and what it is to be a learner and social being”.

Russell said the concept “defied human interaction” and should be a “last resort” option for parents.

Labour’s education spokesman Chris Hipkins said correspondence schools were already seen as a “parking space for kids who have dropped out of the system or who are too difficult”.

…”Where it’s gone wrong is thinking you can write schools and teachers out of the equation and still get good results – I don’t think you will,” Hipkins said.

But Acting Education Minister Anne Tolley said most students wouldn’t attend COOLs full time and all providers would be subject to a “rigorous accreditation process”.

“COOL are not being designed to replace schools, they will supplement and complement them … it will of course be up to individual students, their families and the school or provider to ensure that learning through COOL suits the needs of that particular child,” she said.

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