Missing million? One more found – 999,998 to go

A tennis coach jailed in the US for soliciting sexually explicit photographs from a youth player is being lined up for deportation to New Zealand.

Rex Haultain, who was born in New Zealand and became an American citizen in 2012, was sentenced to six-and-a-half years in prison and ordered to pay US$15,000 ($21,000) restitution after pleading guilty to one count of soliciting child pornography.

Missouri-based Haultain was indicted by a federal grand jury for the District of Kansas on February 13, 2013.

The latest court documents, from September 12, now show the child porn offender is trying to fight the US Government’s move to withdraw citizenship and ultimately open the way for deportation to New Zealand.

On October 15 last year a trial attorney with the Office of Immigration Litigation – a division of the Department of Justice – filed a complaint to “revoke Haultain’s naturalisation”.

Haultain has tried to defeat the complaint, but his motion to dismiss was denied last month.

Court documents declare Haultain was represented by attorney Matthew Hoppock. The Weekend Herald approached Hoppock asking whether Haultain will continue to fight the case. Hoppock declined to comment.

The US Attorney’s office says Haultain, who was 56 when convicted, admitted telling a minor he was coaching in 2009 that she sexually aroused him. While travelling to a tournament in the summer of 2010, he showed her a picture of his penis on a cellphone.

Later that year Haultain began asking her to send him naked photos. Eventually he sexually molested her.

At sentencing, the victim – then 18 – read a statement saying Haultain manipulated her by exploiting her desire to become an outstanding tennis player.

Kelvin Davis’s constituents keep being deported from other countries. ? But hey, as a strategy, Labour having taken the position of being the Champions of Crime are onto a sure winner. ?The irony? ?Judith Collins is paying for more accommodation for them.

I do find it interesting that stripping people from citizenship and deporting them seems a lot easier to do to New Zealand crims overseas than it is to foreign crims in New Zealand.

Anyone know when Dotcom’s leaving yet?


– Simon Plumb, NZ Herald