More like it from a Labour man

Bookmaker and former Labour candidate Kieran McAnulty nabbed a crook, who was trying to steal his ute.

A man has who has?tackled for the parliamentary rugby team used?this handy life?skill to take down a would-be car thief.

Former?Labour Party candidate for Wairarapa Kieran McAnulty caught a?thief red-handed when he returned?to his beloved old red Mazda?ute on his lunch break in Masterton on Tuesday.

A man was sitting in the driver’s seat of the car trying to jemmy the ignition when he was rudely interrupted by the car’s owner who?opened the door and had a few choice words for his unwanted?guest.

Following?a?brief?scuffle,?McAnulty?bolted after the man and tackled him in the middle of a busy central Masterton street. ??

Two passers-by were quickly on the scene and helped McAnulty keep the suspect under control while they called the police, who?arrived in shortly after.

McAnulty thought the episode must have looked quite strange for those cars that had stopped for him in the street: a man in a suit with a face that was adorning campaign billboards now?wrestling on the road with an unknown stranger.

He was thankful for the chance to be able to explain to onlookers afterwards what had just happened and?set the record straight.

He was bit surprised that he managed to nab the thief, as many of his rugby team-mates might argue he’s not much of a tackler.

“I guess I didn’t really think at all, I just did it,” he said.

A Levin man appeared in Masterton District Court on Tuesday and was remanded in custody and charged with unlawfully?interfering?with a motor vehicle.

He should have put the boot in. but then Kelvin Davis would have been crying about a poor criminal being abused.

Still, no apologies?needed from?McAnulty for being a man, not only did he nab a crook he also drives a non-gay ute.