More on the Auckland Future Clusterf***

Auckland Future decided to arsehole long term councillor and very, very reliable right-winger George Wood in North Shore so their hand-picked candidates could run.

So let’s look at what happened:

North Shore ward

DARBY, Chris Taking The Shore Forward 18129
HILLS, Richard A Positive Voice for the Shore 11785
GILLON, Grant, Shore Action 11714
GRANT, Danielle Auckland Future 6000
SMITHSON, Anne-Elise Shore Action 5529
FREEMAN, Fay Auckland Future 4988 ?

Auckland Future candidates managed to get half the votes of the second and third placed candidates, Labour Party Northcote candidate Richard Hills, and Grant Gillon, a former Alliance MP.

Well done Auckland Future. They’ve allowed the dopey Chris Darby to remain and replaced George Wood with a Labour lick-spittle.?Worse still, in 2013 George Wood got more votes than all those below Chris Darby this time. If his name had still been on the ballot he’d still be a councillor.

Phil Goff will be thrilled with Auckland Future.

I hope someone is stacking the faggots around the stake, there needs to be a bonfire on the centre-right.