Mt Roskill by-election charade to be on December 3rd

The Mt Roskill by-election triggered by Phil Goff parachuting into another trough has been set for December 3.

Prime Minister John Key has announced the by-election for the Mt Roskill seat will take place on December 3.

In the wake of his election to Auckland mayor, Phil Goff has resigned from Parliament and his final day is on Tuesday.

Mr Key admitted on Monday that no incumbent Government has ever won a seat they didn’t already hold.

“So I think we need to accept that’s a bit tricky,” Mr Key said.

Mt Roskill has been held by Labour since it was created in 1999 and Michael Wood is standing as Labour’s candidate for this by-election.

Mr Key also mentioned the “deal” done between the Green Party and Labour for the seat, which had “added to the complexity and challenge of it”.

He said National MP Parmjeet Parmar would be a strong candidate if she put her name forward, while ACT is not standing in the by-election to further National’s chances of winning.

By rights, National shouldn’t have a hope in a solid Labour seat that has only once since 1957 changed hands back in 1990 when Gilbert Myles took the seat off Phil Goff in the landslide National victory.

That said Michael Wood is a journeyman candidate who has stood and lost in Pakuranga (twice), Botany, and Epsom. He may have some questions to answer too about his council funded baby-sitting arrangements that could prove embarrassing.

Michael Wood is also a sneaky weasel, whose main claim to fame is making a stand against penis shaped lollies. He promised the voters of?Botany that he would removed them from shops. Will he make the same promise to voters of Mt Roskill?

National won the party vote in the?last two elections, but can they take this seat from labour…that remains to be seen. Let’s hope National doesn’t roll in Jo De Joux again. She lost Northland to Winston Peters and screwed up the Auckland mayoralty campaign for Vic Crone. Crosby|Textor probably aren’t that happy having their branch office in Auckland take so many losses.

If Michael Wood doesn’t win well then there may be trouble come the general election. Anything less than a comprehensive victory will be bad news for Andrew Little.

– Newshub