New Plymouth Council turns Fort Awesome into Fort Killjoy

If I was dictator for life I would abolish councils and put in commissioners. I would also ban clip-boards and weasels who carry them.

Just hours after two lads and their?epic beach hut made national?headlines, officials have taken it down.

New Plymouth men Tom Burt and Luke Rielly dubbed their 3 metre high driftwood?hut on Waiwhakaiho Beach Fort Awesome and assured people it was “sturdy as”.

Unfortunately the district council did not agree with their engineering assessment and at?9am on Thursday took it down.

New Plymouth District Council parks and open spaces manager Stuart Robertson said the height and estimated weight of the hut created a major safety risk and they couldn’t leave it up.

“The people who built it have been very creative but the structure is unpermitted and unsafe?so has been removed.” ??

He said the hut measured approximately?5m by 7m by 3m high and was thought to weigh?several tonnes.

“This exacerbated the risk to people,” he said.

“It was built on the high tide mark and on sand so would have become unstable and more dangerous to the public in time.”

King tides were scheduled on?Monday and?Tuesday of next week.

He also shared the same concerns as the fort’s??builders about it being a fire risk.

“This could easily inspire someone to turn it into a bonfire, which is an even bigger risk ? and no fires are allowed on our beaches.”

Struggling to see the problem here.

Either the king tides would sort it out, or a bloody great public service bonfire…it is nearly Guy Fawkes Night after all.

Councils the world over seem intent on stupidity.

Take Auckland Council as a case in point. Where I live there are cliffs beside the sea. Cliff periodically have rock falls. You can see that at low tide, the evidence is obvious. The other day after the big lot of rain a sizeable part of the cliff came down, as it ever has.

The next day out come the council boffins and their clipboards. They decide to cordon off the fallen rocks…which are below the high tide mark. Well the tide comes in and out twice a day so you can imagine that most of the?dirt and detritus of the rockfall is pretty much gone after a week of tides. Three days later, after an army of idiots in dayglo vests and nice council trucks have visited and stood around like little teapots, another two-man crew rocks up…and sticks a sign on the cliff…warning people of rockfalls. Can’t wait for the king tide, that sign will be gone in a flash. Idiots.

Same as these idiots at the New Plymouth Council.