New Plymouth District Council clipboard killjoys mocked & ridiculed

You have to laugh.

The New Plymouth District Council is being mocked and ridiculed after destroying Fort Awesome.

Hut mania has taken hold of New Plymouth,?with stick shacks popping on beaches around the district just days after a monster hut dubbed Fort Awesome was torn down by council workers.

The copycat structures?don’t come close to the size of Fort Awesome, which was three metres high and estimated to weigh several tonnes -?and neither do?the?small?huts and single?teepee show the engineering acumen of their inspiration.

The future of the huts is up to the New Plymouth District Council to decide.

District council?parks and open spaces manager Stuart Robertson said there wasn’t an official limit on how big the huts could get. Council staff made a judgement call on whether to take them down?based on the likelihood the hut?could?harm someone ?

“Size exacerbates the risk of harm,” he said.

Fort Awesome was taken down because of its size,?proximity to the high tide mark and the likelihood that if it did fall on someone it?would cause injury or worse, Robertson said.

He said it was the first time such a??structure had been reported to the parks team and he hadn’t heard about the slew of copy cat?huts.

“It should also be noted that driftwood plays an integral role in controlling beach erosion by trapping sand and allowing dune stabilising plants to colonise these areas so we ask people to leave the driftwood where it is on the beach,” he said.

Yeah, whatever.

The killjoys have been taken to task. Fort Awesome is no more but there are plenty of Fort Eff You’s being built.


– Fairfax