New reports show just how dodgy Justine Lester’s airport extension is

Fairfax reports:

The $300 million price-tag for?Wellington Airport’s runway extension could blow out to $458m, and may even soar as high as $507m, an independent expert says.

And this was voted on by the Council on the basis of a Powerpoint presentation and no actual reports or findings as the Cheif Executive of Wellington City Council?”doesn’t do email”!

The much-vaunted $2.3 billion in economic benefits expected to flow from the?extended runway may have also been overstated to the tune of almost $800m, according to?a new council-commissioned?report on the project.

But?Wellington Airport hotly disputes the latest findings and is confident the runway extension can be built for?$343m once air-bridges and associated infrastructure have been factored in.

Basically, everything the Council has been told is a big fat lie.

But the people of that piss-ant little township that dares to call themselves a city have great designs on a longer airport runway.

There will be benefits. There are no redeeming features or tourist destinations that you need to fly to Wellington for. Most airlines won’t even consider the extra hour flight time and fuel load just to deliver a few extra back-packers to Wellington.

It is a boondoggle that the Council?and Government seem intent on subsidising.

Wellington airport is privately owned. They should pay for it.


– Fairfax