Some new terminology inspired by Generation Snowflake



Generation Snowflake?is a weak?generation of safe space seeking, trigger warning demanding, jargon-spouting?young people. They speak a whole different language full of terms that were only invented by left-wing feminist academics a few years ago. There are new genders and gender neutral?pro-nouns like…

I have decided to come up with some new Whaleoil terminology for our Whaleoil dictionary.



Shitster ? (noun) (1) a Social Justice hipster who actively works to end intolerance by telling others how awful they are and how they have white privilege and are racist, sexist and Islamophobic.

Male feminist

Male feminist

Meminist?? (noun) a (typically straight) person who supports, and respects female feminists in the hope of getting laid. Meminists are typically beta males who lack the sexual ?charisma of an alpha male.


celebtivist ?? (Noun) (1) a gender expression that has elements of both celebrity and activism.(2) Typically describes a person with an overdeveloped sense of righteousness combined with a low IQ.


Pantysexual/Dirtylaundrycurious?? (adj) attraction to private information. Describes a person who gets sticky knickers pawing through other people’s personal information.


Whalephobia ? (noun) a range of negative attitudes (e.g., fear, anger, intolerance, resentment) that one may have/express towards the blog Whaleoil.