“Not since Len Brown has a politician been so cringe worthy”*

(*This is a note for Mr Craig, the following is?not written by me. ?I am however quoting it)

Not since Len Brown has a politician been so cringe worthy. The nation winced as the Colin Craig defamation trial dished up excruciatingly intimate details about the Conservative Party leader’s relationship with former aide Rachel MacGregor.

There is only one thing more fatal to a politician’s future prospects than not being talked about and that’s being laughed at. On that score, Craig’s Conservative Party is already dog tucker.

Craig will appeal the verdict and the record $1.27 million defamation payout to Taxpayer’s Union boss Jordan Williams.

But it’s what the trial said about Craig’s appalling lack of judgement that will really hammer the final nail in his political ambitions. When allegations about Craig and MacGregor surfaced, 1.6 million pamphlets were mailed out to every household attacking Williams as the source and labelling him a liar.

Any advisor would have counselled Craig against giving the allegations any oxygen.

And any lawyer would have advised him that the pamphlets were actionable.

Craig himself should have seen the warning signs – he is notoriously litigious in the face of political or personal criticism. Live by the sword, die by the sword, some might say.

But Craig’s predicament won’t be a surprise to those who watched him on the campaign trail. He lacks the normal radar that stops most politicians from making asses of themselves. He was once talked up as a serious prospect for coalition with National but bumbled his way to political disaster. Chem trails, moon landings – it became a form of sport to bait Craig with outlandish theories and watch him refuse to bat them away. And that was before the Rachel MacGregor fallout.

(Note for Colin Craig, the following words are mine)

Colin Craig doesn’t take advice. ?He instructs. ?Combined with his poor political gut instinct and penchant for acts which he believes paint him as a “common man” he was an accident waiting to happen.

He is remarkably talented in some ways. ?You’d never know he’d just had his private life exposed to the world the way he carried himself in the media interviews?yesterday. ?That smile and relaxed face just goes on and he can temporarily hide the stress and drama that is his life.

But work with him for some time, and you will find the inconsistencies. ?He had a lot of good people convinced for a long time, people who didn’t just fall off the back of the turnip truck themselves. ?And more remarkably some of those people are still blindly supporting him against an?imagined foe instead of seeing the real Mr Craig.

It may seem like boasting, but I was one of the first people to caution the world about this man. ?I said that he would be electoral poison. ?And a lot of my readers considered me mischievous for it. ?Just as it happened?with Dotcom.

Perhaps the picture is slowly starting to solidify in people’s minds that, yes, I play the despicable dirty game of politics, but I don’t make stuff up.

Nicky Hager wrote a book on the back of seven years of my emails and conversations and he didn’t write?that I insert lies into the process. ?I simply use the skeletons that are in people’s closets. ?Dirty politics. ?Not Made Up politics.

People who are testing me in court are going to discover this, and they are going to have to face the same realities as Mr Craig.


– Tracey Watkin, Stuff