Nazi Paikidze is a real feminist role model

1-qilwftc2zlqsfjcs-p8ovw?Unlike the third wave feminists that dominate so-called feminist thought in the world today, Nazi Paikidze is not interested in gender pronouns, labels, or blaming the patriarchy. Like the original Suffrage feminists, she is concerned about standing up for women’s legal liberties, in particular the oppressed women of Iran. Unlike third?wave feminists who virtue signal with rants on social media at no cost to themselves, Nazi is actually putting her career on the line in order to make a stand against the way that Iran oppresses its women.

The best-ranked female chess player in the United States has said she would rather sacrifice her career than submit to?demands to?wear a hijab at the next world championship.

Nazi Paikidze, the reigning US Women?s Chess Champion, swore to?boycott the 2017 contest, which is being held in Iran and will have an enforced Islamic dress code.

Paikidze admitted that the decision will harm her career, but said that doing the bidding of an oppressive regime in order to compete is not a price worth paying.

In an interview with the founder of My Stealthy Freedom, a campaign against Iran?s hijab laws, she said: ?I will NOT wear a hijab and support women?s oppression. Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career.?



She is sticking to her guns despite attempts from chess officials to silence her.

Susan Polgar, who chairs the women?s committee of the international chess governing body, told?Paikidze to keep her objections to herself in a tense exchange on Twitter.


Polgar had previously told players to respect ?cultural differences? and go along with wearing the hijab.

She then tried to win over sceptics by praising the ?beautiful choices? of fabric on offer.

Other players have also threatened to boycott the contest, including?Carla Heredia, a former Pan American champion from Ecuador.