NZ First wants us to adopt the Brexit immigration stance

Winston is onto it….charging for and shoring up his centre vote.

The decision to leave the EU has brought a harsh crackdown on immigration to Britain – New Zealand would do well to follow the lead, says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“As Home Secretary Amber Rudd pointed out in announcing the sweeping changes: ?We won’t win in the world if we don’t do more to upskill our own workforce?.

“She said while Britain would continue to attract the ?brightest and best? the government had recognised some companies were taking the easy option and employing migrants instead of training locals.

“She added: ?Foreign workers should not be able to take jobs that British people should do?.

“New Zealand should take heed. ?

“Britain, with a population of 64 million, aims to reduce its 300,000 net intake to ?tens of thousands? while New Zealand with only 4.4 million has done nothing to reduce record intakes of 70,000 net a year, much bigger in proportion to population than Britain.

“High immigration to New Zealand is affecting housing demand and prices, forcing Kiwis to queue longer at hospitals and putting pressure on all public services.

“The high level of low skilled workers, including international students, has undermined working conditions and put a lid on wages.

“Had the National government been at all visionary it would have used the Christchurch Rebuild as a training ground – instead we now have employers saying they?ll need migrant tradies once building gets under way in Auckland.”

“Ms Rudd also said: “I come here today with a warning to those that simply oppose any steps to reduce net migration. This government will not waiver in its commitment to put the interests of the British people first.”

I’m with Winston on this one.

He should increase his support by telling Amnesty International to shove it too.


– NZ First