The NZ Herald?s full court press to get Paul Henry fired continues


The NZ Herald continues its ‘Get Paul Henry’ campaign…aided and abetted by the luvvies.

They’ve called in veteran whinger and prospective Labour candidate for Rotorua and national anthem singer, Lizzie Marvelly, to have a whinge.

Singer/songwriter Lizzie Marvelly has pulled out of a panel on TV3’s Paul Henry Show tomorrow in protest at Henry’s comments about women’s breasts.

Marvelly, a Weekend Herald columnist and founder of the feminist website The Villainesse, said on Twitter she was “saddened” to read Henry’s comments toHerald journalist Greg Bruce about the “perfect titties” of a woman at another table in the restaurant where he was interviewed, and the “adequate titties” of a woman she was dining with.

“I have a huge amount of respect for Paul as a broadcaster and a person, and I was surprised to read his objectifying comments,” she said. ?

“I was looking forward to returning to the panel on the Paul Henry show tomorrow morning, but in the light of his remarks I don’t feel it would be appropriate for me to be on the show at this time.”

She declined to answer a message from the Herald asking whether she would never appear on the show again, but said she was invited on to tomorrow’s panel two weeks ago with no specific topic in mind.

Henry also declined to answer further questions todayafter issuing a statement last night saying he “meant no offence” to the two women he spoke about to Bruce.

“There is absolutely no way the women could have heard the conversation that took place. I would never want to make anyone feel uncomfortable,” he said.

So, let’s get this straight. The Herald asks for an interview and gets one, puts spin on it, then trolls around looking for the perpetually outraged to be offended and makes a big deal about it. They are of course assisted by utter hypocrites like Martyn Bradbury decrying the apparent misogyny of Paul Henry when he sat in a witness box and supported Colin Craig.

Meanwhile, one of their ‘best and brightest’ dies of a drug overdose, covered in vomit and faeces in a foreign flea pit hotel known for hookers and drugs and he is a loving caring family man we should all look up to and say nothing about how he died.

I know of plenty of Herald drug users. Hell, they even were smoking it up at a recent media wedding in full view of everyone. They disgust me with their hypocrisy.

As for little Lizzie Marvelly, the national anthem singer…YAWN. Runoff to your safe space dear.


-NZ Herald