Why NZME make me sick


Today the NZ Herald, owned by NZME has splashed a story about a radio host from the competing Mediaworks stable all over their website…it is also pushed out via their gossip site Spy.

That radio host is clearly suffering a major depressive episode, and as a fellow sufferer of depression, I know precisely what she is going through. The last thing she needs is the gutless wankers at the NZ Herald prying into her private life.

But their actions stand in stark contrast to the rather glowing eulogies they are handing out right now to one of their own.

So…here’s the thing.

The guy who was found in a pool of piss, shit and vomit in a hotel in Cambodia after a long bender on opiates and meth apparently deserves respect and care. Everything is glossed over. They go on about how he was a caring Dad and husband…blah, blah, blah.

But then they go and kick the shit out of someone clearly suffering a massive depressive episode, all of a sudden their pretense of care and love is out the window in the name of clickbait headlines and attacking the opposition media organisation.

They should get their own house in order. They need to realise that their staff aren’t pure…from the top down. ?

They’ve thought nothing of coming after me and mine. I wonder how they’d handle it if I started on them.

They have rooters, misogynists, cheaters, frauds, drunks, druggies, guys who try to get straight guys pissed so they can root them…they basically have every kind of ratbag and scumbag working for them. They work with other ratbags and criminals who they euphemistically call sources. They are tax dodgers, run constant ads from companies who have staff before the courts, columnists with dodgy backgrounds or who have threatened to break the legs of people they disagree with politically.

They are scum.

Going after someone who is clearly suffering shows just what sort of scum they are.

Maybe NZME journalists need some of the same medicine they dish out to other people. I bet they couldn’t handle being doorstepped and asked why they buy this drug or that drug. Or why they maintain relationships long after both parties have been married.

The amount of coke, meth, dope and pills consumed by NZME reporters would astonish you. When you came after me I made it my business to find out all about you.

The incestuous rooting amongst the media and politicians is astonishing.?When you came after me I made it my business to find out all about you.

The back-handers and corporate back-scratching that goes on would give you asthma.?When you came after me I made it my business to find out all about you.

The media in New Zealand all look after each other and scratch each other’s backs, until it suits them to pile in on you. They make me sick with their selective morality and campaigning and hypocrisy.

Maybe it is time their dirty laundry was aired…you know,?in the interests of transparency and public interest.