Observations of Auckland’s centre-right clusterf*ck election

Nick K stood for office on the North Shore.

He makes some observations of the campaign at No Minister:

Like a lot of people, I watched the clusterf**k unfold last Saturday, but my sentiment was more of amusement rather than disappointment. ?And that’s because I saw this coming about 6 months ago, or maybe even longer. ?I was involved in the campaign at a candidate level for a local board, and tried to distance myself from Auckland Future as best I could. ?Stevie Wonder could have seen what was coming for them.

The political right in local body politics in Auckland exhibit the same attitude and make the same mistakes that Labour does at central politics level at the moment. ?Both sets of players talk at voters, rather than to them. ?They both believe they are right (as in correct) and soon the dumb voters will wake up and realise it. ?But critically, they both utterly fail in their political messaging and strategy. ?Both Labour and the centre right in Auckland local body politics believe if they keep doing the same things – the very things that have failed Labour and the centre right in Auckland local body politics since 2010 – eventually they will succeed as the voters will inevitably see sense.

Of course, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of stupidity. ?

The centre right in Auckland local body politics simply fail to understand how an ex Alliance MP and staunch trade unionist, Grant Gillon, gets 11,000+ votes in the North Shore electorate. ?Now they’re shaking their collective heads over how a Labour candidate from 2014 in Northcote can get elected along with a soft blue green type candidate in the ward, with their candidate getting about one third the votes of the winner.

Until the likes of Auckland Future start listening to people who actually do understand it, and until they start beginning to understand, they will continue to fail. ?And miserably.

The Grandees of the National party have much to answer for.

They shunned Daniel Newman in Hunua, and now he has shown what a master class in local politics can achieve. Compare his results in deep South Auckland against the results of the idiots from Auckland?Future.

National even tried to claim his victories down south as their own. A certain grandee was sent packing with his tail between his legs.

The National party needs to do a couple of things.

  1. Embrace local body politics
  2. Stop listening to Michelle Boag, Sue Wood, Hamish Price and other ineffective and losing “strategists”
  3. Rinse the Buggers Muddle. One of them couldn’t even get himself elected to the Auckland District Health Board.
  4. Get professional help, and no I don’t mean from Jo de Joux. Her performance in Northland should count against her for a long, long time.
  5. Stop ignoring proven winners.

Until National does those things then they are doomed to continually scratch their heads in wonder at how the left-wing rinses them in an almost blue Auckland.


– No Minister