Oh the Irony. Maori are actually Asians

This almost makes me giggle…but years ago it was Winston Peters who made these claims and everyone scoffed at him.

Taiwanese tribal woman Jouan Pan is in New Zealand with a mission – to get her “long lost cuzzies” to visit “home”.

Taiwan is believed to be where the cultures and languages of the Austronesian tribes began, and that indigenous people of Taiwan and Maori are genetically connected.

Its Council of Indigenous Peoples along with tribal tour operators are in New Zealand to promote Taiwan’s indigenous tribal tours for the very first time.

“Our relationship with New Zealand as very special, because we consider Maori as part of our extended family,” said Pan, a senior council officer and member of the Amis tribe. ?

“Taiwan is therefore the ancestral land for many New Zealanders, this tour is designed to help people experience our long surviving cultures.”

Austronesians also include Pacific Islanders and Polynesians in Hawaii.

Sir Pita Sharples, a former Minister of Maori Affairs, said it was a “know fact” that there was genetic link between indigenous Taiwanese and Maori.

“Maori are the original people of Taiwan, I hope you are taking care of our country very well,” Sharples said on Friday at the council’s promotions in Auckland.

“There is no doubt you are my cousins…you look like my brothers and sisters.”

Sharples has yet to visit Taiwan but said he was planning to do so and find a projects to formally establish the Maori-Taiwan link.

I’ll translate for the Taiwanese…what Pita Sharples is really saying is that Taiwan is Maori land and he won’t go back until he can find a trough to sup at first. Expect a few Treaty claims for Taiwan now…and the appearance of some taniwha.


– NZ Herald