On media choosing the winner of an election

Dotcom failed. ?And amusingly he’s calling the media corrupt for having caused this loss. ?But similar media-driven support is seen for Hillary Clinton and against Trump.

In Auckland, the NZ Herald picked Phil Goff as its?candidate from the get-go. ?This is how media run a “fair and balanced” piece on mayoral candidates.


Dr Hayward told Mediawatch she thought the time had come for some sort of charter that requires the media to cover local body politics.

“If we want good local coverage then we have to start thinking about how we invest in that. So as well as focusing on what we want from news on a national level I think we do have to start thinking about how we might fund and support regional reporting.”

As we saw in Marlborough, their local paper absolutely refused to cover issues critical to the campaign, either through not exposing it or through hushing it up. ? It required a whistleblower to release a covert recording to get past the media manipulation by the Marlborough Express and get some coverage by other media that did not have a nod-nod-wink-wink arrangement with a?local campaign.

I see no point in having legally enforced political coverage. ?Campaigns simply have to learn how to take advantage of the media landscape as it exists.


– Jeremy Rose, RNZ