Opt out of Trick and Treat

A blue balloon on the letterbox means zombies and vampires are welcome to knock on the door at Hobsonville Point.

It’s Halloween and hundreds of children, dressed hooded capes, witches and little devils have been out trick or treating.

A community event at the Hobsonville RSA saw the neighbours at the West Auckland suburb gather for a Halloween Spooky Sunday.

Parent Dean Purcell said he was happy that the event provided a “safe environment” for kids to enjoy Halloween.

The event also saw the Massey Community Patrol in attendance, free sausage sizzle and Mr Whippy.

“Participants who wanted to be part of the event stuck a blue balloon outside their door, so kids knew where to go to get treats,” he said.

“The balloons are a really good idea because it gives people a chance also to say ‘hey I don’t want anything to do with Halloween’.”

This is an imported commercialised event. ?And I don’t want people coming to my house at the best of times. ?I don’t care if they are collecting for Greenpeace, want to sell me a vacuum cleaner or they they think I’ve been looking for God and they are the ones to find him for me.

Yes, I realise that some people will judge me for this. ?They are kids, after all. ?Except they’re not. ?In general these are hoards of 12-16 year olds going for an organised session of ‘intimidate the people out of free shit”. ?The $2 Warehouse mask is a good investment. ?They’ll make that back in diabetes triggering candy many times over.