Over 17,000 refugees file lawsuits against German government

They walk across the border and then they want social welfare, housing, health care and education. ?Now they will also use Germany’s laws against German tax payers.

More than 17,000 asylum seekers in Germany have filed lawsuits against the government aimed at getting their families to join them leaving courts struggling to cope.

And now it is feared the legal action will open the floodgates to a new wave of mass immigration into the country.

It comes as many in Germany say the social fabric is already at breaking point in many places and the fear of violence with natives is a real danger.

The rise of nationalism in Europe. ?That’s new. ?

The migrants are seeking a change to their subsidiary protection status in Germany which can delay family reunification by two years.

This wave of litigation is rolling through the country’s administrative courts.

In the first eight months of this year over 17,000 cases were filed, 6,000 of them in August alone, with 15,000 of the claims by Syrians.

It is believed that judges are more likely to uphold their complaints in 90 per cent of cases, affording them ‘superior protection’ in accordance with the Geneva Convention on refugees.

Get one of your kids to go for an adventure across Europe, get to Germany, starts a court case paid for by German tax payers to force the rest of your family to be allowed to come under the Geneva Convention. Once they are there, they also claim health care, education, housing and social welfare.


Daily Mail