Paula Bennett and Nick Smith, you are the weakest link, goodbye

Paula Bennett and Nick Smith, your time is up.

John Key must surely realise these two muppets are costing votes in Auckland.

First-home buyers have only been able to get their hands on 18 affordable houses across all of the Auckland Special Housing Areas.

New data released to Labour from Auckland Council shows while 1029 “affordable units” have been consented for special housing areas across Auckland, just 18 have been built and sold to first-home buyers.

There are 154 special housing areas across Auckland – meaning 151 of them have failed to produce a single house that’s gone to a first home buyer. ?

Labour leader Andrew Little blindsided the Government with the data during question time at Parliament today.

“After three years what’s the minimum number of affordable houses in Auckland’s Special housing Areas sold to first home buyers that would be acceptable to him?”

The Prime Minister didn’t have data to answer the question.

And it gets worse.

In the development that’s been trumpeted as the benchmark for affordable housing development, Hobsonville Point, only four affordable houses have gone to first home buyers.

There were seven sold to first home buyers at the Great North Road site and seven at the Mt Eden site.Mr Little says that the provision of 18 houses is “woefully poor.”

Yes, Andrew, a bit like your leadership. Despite the constant harping from the opposition about issues like this, his party languishes in the polls.

John Key might try to bat this away, because he can, but eventually, it is going to hurt.

They won’t vote Labour, though, the disenfranchised will instead turn to Winston Peters.