Parata presents premature porky pre-election promises

Announced on a Sunday morning:

Cambridge High School and Ngaruawahia High School in the Waikato will both undergo major redevelopments, Education Minister Hekia Parata announced today.

“Around $8 million will be invested in Ngaruawahia High School, and around $9 million will be spent redeveloping Cambridge High School,” says Ms Parata.

“Both schools have issues such as leaky buildings or classrooms that are old and in poor condition, so this will be welcome news for their communities.

“At Ngaruawahia, an existing classroom block will be demolished and replaced with a new block that will also function as a marae support space outside of school hours.

“Existing technology and administration blocks will also be refurbished, and seismic strengthening will be carried out on some buildings.

“At Cambridge, a new two-storey block will be built to replace an old 1953 block that?s past its use-by date, and a number of other buildings will be remediated to address weathertightness issues.

“The redevelopment will also see the total number of teaching spaces at the school increased to help accommodate a growing roll.

“As with all major redevelopments, the focus at both schools will be on providing flexible learning spaces that support an innovative learning environment.”

This is nothing more than urgently needed work and growing roll driven expansion. ?Which is why it is clearly urgent enough to have been announced yesterday.

There is just one small problem.

Construction at both schools is expected to begin in 2018.

You have to wonder why they bother to put out such press releases. ?It causes nothing but derision to announce urgent repairs and expansion with a start in 2018. ?Although unlikely to be reversed by a Labour-led government, it does still require the re-election of the current one as well as more than a year and a half, if not more, of waiting.

But such is the business of “announcing” things in the lead-up to an election. ?Nothing gets done, everything is a paper promise.