Phil, all you have to do is find the cheap land – here are the houses


Apparently, there is a housing crisis everywhere.

In the UK they are looking for solutions to their own housing crisis.

Most first-time buyers can only dream of buying a home for less than ?50,000 – but it is possible if you’re prepared to go ‘modular’.

This involves selecting pre-fabricated, low-cost modules of various sizes which are then put together by skilled craftsmen.

The customer can then choose the interior design, giving an end-product which could be an office, hotel, school or house – and that includes starter homes.

The Modulhus, one such starter home, has now been crowned winner?of an annual shoestring design competition. ?

The two-bedroom house covers 66sq m and costs from just ?49,644 to build.

The timber homes, made from fully-finished factory parts, are built off-site – and eco-efficient features, such as solar thermal panels (which are used to help heat water) can be added.

And the customer can also choose the roof, be it bitumen, clay, concrete roof tiles or a tin cover.

The price of the project does not include the land that the houses are built on – something which substantially drives up the price of new homes.

However, easy and cheap to construct houses like the Modulhus are being touted as the way forward for new projects involving freeing up state-owned land at a low cost to get more homes built for the UK.

As you can see the problem isn’t the building of houses…it really isn’t. You just have to lower your expectations.

The real problem lies in the lack of land. It isn’t that there isn’t any land, it is because?of councils, led by dimwitted politicians, still insist on forcing us to live in “compact cities”.

We don’t want that. We don’t want their solutions.

The solution is to free up land and put in place the infrastructure and then let people have at it building houses.

The prices of houses like those above would also be substantially cheaper if prefabricated in China.

All Phil Goff has to do is start consenting land and removing barriers to development. The market will solve the problem pretty quickly after that.


– Daily Mail