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Image surfaces of Huma Abedin crying on plane as Clinton Campaign finds out the FBI has re-opened the email investigation.

Image surfaces of Huma Abedin crying on plane as Clinton Campaign finds out the FBI has re-opened the email investigation.

I Bet Weiner Knows a Lot

Huma Abedin Swore Under Oath She Gave Up ?All the Devices? With State Dept. Emails

Anthony ?Carlos Danger? Weiner, the disgraced Democrat whose seemingly innate ability to embarrass himself spectacularly knows no bounds, could now possibly be responsible for bringing down Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton?s entire campaign.

The criminal investigation underway over Anthony Weiner?s alleged child sex infraction has a couple of characteristics that make it especially awkward for Hillary Clinton and Huma Mahmood Abedin, the estranged wife of Weiner and close companion of Hillary.

In an underage sex investigation, all electronic communications of the investigative target are pursued.? This probably led to the grand jury that was announced 11 days ago issuing a subpoena for all of the devices in the possession of Weiner and his family, including Huma. They even seize the Speak & Spell toys in these cases.? This grand jury is in New York, possibly less politically supervised than the first Hillary email investigation.

Evidently, some of these devices were not turned over in the first investigation and contained ?pertinent? emails. It is not known with certainty, but some reports indicate the pertinent emails may have been found on Weiner?s laptop.? Recall that the initial investigation did not convene a grand jury and did not therefore have subpoena power. It is possible that Huma Abedin misled the FBI over the existence of pertinent emails on her then-husband?s computing devices.

On June 28, 2016,?Abedin said under oath in a sworn deposition?that she looked for all devices that she thought contained government work on them so the records could be given to the State Department. (These records were subsequently reviewed by the FBI.)

The FBI found emails pertinent to its Clinton investigation, reportedly on a computer from her aide?s home. That doesn?t jibe with she told lawyers this summer.

The FBI found emails pertinent to its Clinton investigation, reportedly on a computer from her aide?s home. That doesn?t jibe with she told lawyers this summer.

This is the fourth time the soon-to-be former husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and smartphone sext fiend has brought shame on the Democratic Party ? and immeasurable amusement to the Democratic Party?s opponents. Indeed, one often has to remind oneself that Weiner is a real person and not a character on ?Veep.?

On May 27, 2011, Weiner sent a link of a sexually explicit photograph of himself via his public Twitter account to an adult woman who was following him on Twitter. After several days of denying he had posted the image, Weiner held a press conference at which he admitted he had “exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over the last three years”. He apologized for his earlier denials. After an explicit photo was leaked through the Twitter account of a listener of the The Opie & Anthony Show, Weiner announced on June 16, 2011, that he would resign from Congress, and he formally did so on June 21.

A second scandal began on July 23, 2013, several months after Weiner returned to politics in the New York City mayoral race. Explicit photos were sent by him under the alias “Carlos Danger” to a 22-year-old woman with whom Weiner had contact as late as April 2013, more than a year after he had left Congress. The 22-year-old woman was later revealed as Sydney Leathers, an Indiana native who first came into contact with him by expressing her disapproval of his extramarital behaviours.

On August 28, 2016, the New York Post reported that Weiner had sexted another woman, including sending one picture while lying in bed with his young son. The New York Times reported the next day that Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, intended to separate. Abedin announced her intention to separate from her husband by stating, “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband. Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life. During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy.”

On September 21, 2016, the Daily Mail published an article claiming that Weiner had engaged in sexting with a 15-year old girl. Devices owned by Weiner and Abedin were seized as part of the investigation into this incident, and were later found to contain material that may be relevant to the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

When the Post revealed that the former congressman Danger Weiner had continued his disgusting behaviour, including sending an image of himself to an underage girl. It was this revelation that prompted Abedin to initiate the process of divorcing Weiner.

“Huma is making a very wise decision,” Trump said in an official statement. “I know Anthony Weiner well, and she will be far better off without him. I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information,” Trump continued.

“Who knows what he learned and who he told? It?s just another example of Hillary Clinton?s bad judgment,” said Trump. “It is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this.”

Trump?s words have turned out to be somewhat prophetic. While it?s possible that Abedin?s proximity to Weiner may have compromised our country and its security, it?s absolutely clear that her proximity to Weiner has now compromised the Clinton campaign.

In a normal election year, a normal candidate?s close aide who caused even minor embarrassment to a campaign so near to Election Day would be whisked away as quickly as possible to avoid becoming a distraction.

But Huma Abedin is not simply a close aide, she?s a critical member of Hillary Clinton?s tiny inner circle that protects and ? at times ? enables the deeply flawed and secretive Democratic nominee.

Abedin in her Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. Photographed by Beau Grealy, Vogue, September 2010

Abedin in her Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.?Photographed by Beau Grealy, Vogue, September 2010

Huma Abedin is of Indian and Pakistani descent. She practices the Muslim faith. In addition to English and Hindi-Urdu, Abedin also speaks fluent Arabic. On July 10, 2010, Abedin married then-Congressman Anthony Weiner. Former President Bill Clinton performed the wedding ceremony. In December 2011, Abedin gave birth to a boy, Jordan Zain Weiner. On August 29, 2016, Abedin announced her separation from Weiner after sexting allegations.

Hillary Clinton has been described as a mentor, and a mother figure to Abedin. In 2010, at Abedin’s wedding to Weiner, Clinton said: “I have one daughter. But if I had a second daughter, it would be Huma.” During a trip that Clinton and Abedin made to Saudi Arabia, Abedin?s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, said to Clinton: “Hillary, you have spent more time with my daughter than I have in the past 15 years. I?m jealous of you!”

Huma Abedin Born:?Kalamazoo, Mich.

Early years:?Abedin grew up in Saudi Arabia before returning to the United States to attend George Washington University. She aspired to be a journalist and served as an assistant editor of the?Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs?from 1998 to 2008.

Meeting Clinton:?Abedin began work for first lady Clinton in 1996 under chief of staff Maggie Williams. She served as a backup aide to Clinton until a more official role in 2000 when she became a personal adviser during the 2000 campaign for U.S. Senate.

Senate, campaign years:?Abedin was?a trusted adviser to Clinton?throughout her time in the Senate and was a ?body woman? during the unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2008.

State Department:?Clinton appointed Abedin the deputy chief of staff in 2009. As a ?special government employee,? Abedin was allowed to work from New York, do private consulting work and serve as a consultant to the Clinton Foundation. Due to her proximity to Clinton, in 2016 she was compelled to testify before the FBI about Clinton?s private email server. She also testified in a closed October 2015 hearing of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Meeting Weiner:?Abedin met Weiner years earlier?but started dating him in 2008 during the presidential campaign. “One of the things that, because we became friendly, I found striking about Anthony was how smart he was, what a great debater he was. He was smart, he was passionate,? Abedin?told?Vogue?earlier this year.

Anthony Weiner's latest sext scandal has the attention of the feds. (CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES)

Anthony Weiner’s latest sext scandal has the attention of the feds. (CHIP SOMODEVILLA/GETTY IMAGES)

In the summer of 2013,?Hillary Clinton?had just left the State Department and returned to New York. She planned a quiet year, basking in sky-high approval ratings and enjoying a respite from the media spotlight as she laid the groundwork for a second presidential run.

Then Carlos Danger happened.

Anthony D. Weiner, the husband of Mrs. Clinton?s closest aide, Huma Abedin, was running for mayor of New York when news broke that he had continued to exchange lewd messages with women online after the practice cost him his congressional seat. This time, he used the embarrassing Spanish-inspired moniker.

The tawdry story line and Ms. Abedin?s closeness to Mrs. Clinton made the events explode far beyond New York, dragging Mrs. Clinton?s name into messy headlines about penis pictures, Mr. Weiner?s descriptions of his sexual appetites and his online paramour named Sydney Leathers.

Now, with Mrs. Clinton seemingly on the cusp of winning the White House, Mr. Weiner, who once described himself as ?a perpetually horny middle-aged man,? has pulled her into another drama. Federal investigators looking into his sexual messaging with an underage girl?upon thousands?potentially pertinent to the F.B.I. inquiry into Mrs. Clinton?s private email server.

What about Anthony Weiner?s future? His wife dumped him, and he is of no use to the Clintons anymore. Penalties for online sex crimes tend to be severe, and child sex offenders are reported to do extremely unpleasant time in prison.

It has been said and also demonstrated by his actions that Anthony Weiner is a real?self-centered narcissist. If he remains true to his character, there is a possibility that he will consider cutting a deal for a lesser sentence in return for evidence and testimony against Clinton Inc.

?She always had a certain presence,? says John Podesta of Huma Abedin, seen here at Hillary Clinton?s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, in her own Ralph Lauren dress. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, September 2016

?She always had a certain presence,? says John Podesta of Huma Abedin, seen here at Hillary Clinton?s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, in her own Ralph Lauren dress.?Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, September 2016

On 28 October, 2016, several of Mrs. Clinton?s friends and allies suggested she distance herself from Ms. Abedin, a painful prospect given that Mrs. Clinton has described Ms. Abedin as a surrogate daughter and has relied on her more than anyone else during her nearly two-year pursuit of the White House.

The two women?s closeness has both intimidated those in the Clinton circle of status-conscious advisers and caused envy. Even as Mrs. Clinton learned on Friday that the F.B.I.?s interest in her email server, which she thought had ended in July, had reignited, Ms. Abedin was by her side as she prepared to make a statement to the news media in Des Moines.

Pressed by a reporter there about the emails? having been discovered during the investigation into Mr. Weiner?s sexting, Mrs. Clinton dismissed the reports as ?rumors.?

Mrs. Clinton has always been circumspect about Mr. Weiner and her feelings toward him. She has steadfastly supported Ms. Abedin, 40, as the younger woman stood by her husband, despite the public ridicule and career damage that resulted from his behavior. The Clintons have never publicly criticized Mr. Weiner.

It was only two months ago that?Ms. Abedin announced?that she was separating from her husband, after she learned that The New York Post planned to publish a story reporting that Mr. Weiner had sent a picture of his crotch to a woman online as he lay next to the couple?s 4-year-old son in bed. Mrs. Clinton was vacationing in the Hamptons at the time and stayed away from the story.

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton spoke on board Clinton's campaign plane just hours before news broke on Friday that the FBI was re-opening its investigation into the presidential nominee's emails after new emails came to light during a separate investigation into Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner

Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton spoke on board Clinton’s campaign plane just hours before news broke on Friday that the FBI was re-opening its investigation into the presidential nominee’s emails after new emails came to light during a separate investigation into Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner

Abedin has served as vice chairwoman for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for president since 2015 and continues in her role as personal assistant to Clinton.Her elevation to the No. 3 position in the campaign was a “transformative shift… to campaign power center of her own,” according to Politico. She screened and interviewed applicants for key campaign roles, including campaign manager Robby Mook, and was the primary channel for communications to Clinton before the campaign officially began. After Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump proposed banning Muslims from entering the United States, she wrote an open letter to Clinton supporters calling herself “a proud Muslim” and criticized Trump’s plan as “literally (writing) racism into our law books”.

In a letter dated June 13, 2012, to the State Department Inspector General, five Republican members of Congress?Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Trent Franks of Arizona, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Thomas J. Rooney of Florida, and Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia?claimed that Abedin “has three family members ? her late father, her mother and her brother ? connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” The five members of Congress alleged that Abedin had “immediate family connections to foreign extremist organizations” which they said were “potentially disqualifying conditions for obtaining a security clearance” and questioned why Abedin had not been “disqualified for a security clearance.”

In October 2015, a federal court in Washington heard arguments on a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch for records related to Abedin. Judicial Watch asked to make Ms. Abedin?s emails and employment records public, asking for details of the arrangement under which Abedin was designated a “special government employee,” allowing her to do outside consulting work while also on the federal payroll. On October 6, the State Department said it would be able to hand over 69 pages of emails in response to the FOIA request.

In 2015, emails by Abedin became part of the FBI investigation and the controversy concerning Hillary Clinton’s private email account while Secretary of State, resulting in various allegations by Republicans of violations of State Department regulations. Some officials within the intelligence community have stated that potentially-classified information was contained in e-mails from Abedin relating to the 2012 Benghazi attack and its aftermath which had been sent through Clinton’s private, non-government server. So far, 1818 emails contain classified information on the private server, with 22 being classified as Top Secret. “They were not marked classified at the time they were sent, but they did contain classified information when they were originally sent and received.” Her aides also sent and received classified information.

Bombshell: How James Comey started the extraordinary day of drama.

Bombshell: How James Comey started the extraordinary day of drama.

On Oct. 28, the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said that the bureau had?recently uncovered new emails potentially related to the investigation into?the private email server. The latest emails were found after the bureau?seized at least one electronic device once shared by Anthony D. Weiner and?his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, an aide to Mrs. Clinton.?

30,000?initially turned over by Mrs. Clinton?s lawyers, deemed work-related, returned to the State Department in December 2014.

??8 chains?included ?top secret? information

??36 chains?included ?secret? information

??8 chains?included??confidential? information, the lowest level of classification

??2,000 emails?have since been classified ?confidential?

? The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said that a very small number of emails had classified markings when they were sent.

14,900?additional work-related emails that Mrs. Clinton did not turn over to the State Department, uncovered by the F.B.I. during the course of its investigation.

??More than 9,000 emails?were personal and will not be released

??About 5,600?will be released, many not until well after Election Day. At least 75 have been released so far.

An unknown number?of additional emails that may be pertinent, the F.B.I. announced on Oct. 28, found after the bureau seized at least one electronic device once shared by Anthony D. Weiner and his estranged wife, Huma Abedin, an aide to Mrs. Clinton.

? The number of emails are in the thousands, according to law enforcement officials.

Huma Mahmood Abedin, as anyone who follows politics knows, and as Politico once described her, Hillary Clinton?s ?shadow?. She began working for Hillary in 1996, when she was a 19-year-old intern fresh from George Washington University assigned to the First Lady?s office. Abedin had wanted to be a journalist like her hero Christiane Amanpour and was hoping to work in the White House press office. ?Take a chance,? her mother told her. ?Don?t fall in love with Plan A.? Huma took the advice. ?Sixteen years later, I wouldn?t change a thing,? she told a dinner audience in 2012, at a?Fortune?conference. ?And I got to meet Christiane Amanpour.?

Over the years Huma has served in several positions, with increasingly important-sounding titles. She has been Hillary?s ?body woman,? her traveling chief of staff, a senior adviser, and a deputy chief of staff when Hillary was secretary of state. Now, based in Brooklyn, she is the vice-chair of Hillary?s 2016 presidential campaign. But whatever the title, the job she performs for Hillary has always been essentially the same: confessor, confidante, and constant companion. It?s safe to say that over the years Abedin and Hillary have spent more time together than either has with her husband.

A former adviser to Bill Clinton describes her as ?a mini Hillary.? Wherever Hillary goes, Abedin goes. In November 2008, when Hillary flew to Chicago to meet with President-Elect Barack Obama to discuss becoming secretary of state, she took Huma along. During Hillary?s grueling, nearly 11-hour congressional testimony in October about Benghazi, Abedin was there. She has been referred to as a ?second daughter? to the Clintons. Others have described Hillary and Huma as like sisters.

Neither simply body woman or scheduler, Clinton?s long-time aide acts as shield, translator, and history keeper. The WikiLeaks release of thousands of stolen campaign emails shed new light on Huma Abedin's unique internal role this cycle. | Getty

Neither simply body woman or scheduler, Clinton?s long-time aide acts as shield, translator, and history keeper. The WikiLeaks release of thousands of stolen campaign emails shed new light on Huma Abedin’s unique internal role this cycle. | Getty


January 13 2009: Hillary Clinton’s aide Justin Cooper sets up domain. Huma Abedin signs off on it

January 21: Clinton is sworn in as Secretary of State

18 March: Clinton stops using her BlackBerry email account and switches to the newly created [email protected] account. The domain is hosted on her own private email server, set up by her aide Bryan Pagliano

September 11, 2012: Four Americans are killed in attack on a U.S. base in Benghazi, Libya including Ambassador Chris Stevens

February 1, 2013: Clinton steps down as secretary of state

October 28, 2014: State Department demands Clinton’s work-related correspondence as part of a congressional investigation into Benghazi

Fall 2014: Clinton’s lawyers deletes 33,000 emails which they claim are ‘personal’

December 5, 2014: Clinton’s legal team provide roughly 30,000 emails to the State Department when they are demanded by a congressional investigation into Benghazi.

March 2 2015: The New York Times breaks the news that Clinton used a personal email account to conduct government business while secretary of state

July 25: Clinton says she is confident none of the emails on her private email server were classified at the time of sending and receiving

August 4: The Washington Post reveals the FBI has begun looking into the security of Clinton’s private email set-up

September 10: Bryan Pagliano formally asserts his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination rather than answer questions from a Republican-led House committee on her email arrangements

July 6, 2016: The Justice Department closes Clinton email probe and FBI Director James Comey announces the FBI won’t prosecute. The decision was made by Comey because Attorney General Loretta Lynch had to recuse herself after a secret meeting with Bill Clinton

October 7: WikiLeaks begins release of thousands of emails hacked from the Gmail account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair

October 28: FBI reopens its investigation into Clinton’s server.

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