As predicted the left-wing are mobilising to change the rules

As we predicted yesterday the left-wing are mobilising to change the rules so they can jack-up an award for the now dead Helen Kelly.

A petition to reinstate Helen Kelly’s nomination for New Zealander of the Year is gathering pace.

Kelly had received 108 of the 375 nominations for the annual accolade.

However, the award category is not awarded posthumously.

The former president of the Council of Trade Unions died of lung cancer two weeks ago, aged 52.

The New Zealander of the Year rules mean the main award?is not given posthumously. Kelly was also nominated in the Local Hero category and this nomination stands, as judging was already complete when Kelly died.

An?ActionStation petition?had gathered more than 1100 signatories since it was launched on Saturday. ?

The petition started by Alastair Thompson, the co-founder of, says the supporters imagined the decision to remove Kelly from the list of nominees was not lightly made.

“Nevertheless we think your decision should be reconsidered.?And if a rule change is needed to achieve this we ask you to make that rule change.

“Helen is a hero and inspirational role model to tens of thousands of New Zealanders – many of whom nominated her for the award while she was alive and still fighting to stay that way.

“Voting closed for nominations for the award on September 30. At that time she had received the most public nominations.”

The Media party are donkey deep in helping promote it too.

They hijacked a referendum to put Red Peak on the ballot, now watch them hijack this.

People forget that it was Helen Kelly who tried to wreck The Hobbit being filmed in NZ. People forget that just a couple of weeks before she died she was trying to pervert the course of justice in the Jordan Williams v Colin Craig trial.

She even called me irrelevant once, which is the nicest thing she ever said about me. It’s shit she died so young, but shit happens.