Rainey still denies the truth

Veteran trougher?Pete Rainey from Nelson just doesn’t get it.

The Nelson?election campaign has been marred by dirty politics, enlivened?by social media stoushes, and dominated by one decades-old debate.

By Saturday afternoon,?the Nelson City mayor and councillors, as voted for by you,?will be revealed, following an at-times turbulent, but mostly mundane six-week campaign.

Aside from so-called “dirty tricks” by some and the occasional clash on Facebook, it has been an election campaign dominated by the Southern Link.

Dirty tricks? Oh, I see, telling the truth is “dirty tricks” now is it? ?

With four mayoral and 28 council candidates in Nelson, including several newcomers, there is scope for change at Civic House.

Though, an unofficial readers’ poll on?Stuff, asking people which mayoral candidate they voted for,?found that a majority were sticking with the status quo.

On Thursday evening, the poll had incumbent mayor Rachel Reese in the lead with 53 per cent of the 2179?votes cast, followed by Pete Rainey on 36 per cent, Graeme O’Brien?on seven per cent and Richard Osmaston on four per cent.

However, Reese said the only poll that mattered was the official result on Saturday.

“The poll that counts involves?getting a?voting form back to Nelson City Council?and I would?encourage everybody to keep on?exercising?their right to vote.”

That is still quite a margin.

Reese said her fourth election and third mayoral campaign has been “really hard work” but she was encouraged by community feedback.

“I don’t?think?you get any?particular?advantage being the incumbent. I?think?you are potentially?scrutinised?harder?? and rightly so because you should be able to stand on your record.”

On Saturday,?Reese said she?will be taking part in?the Sunrise Walk for Wellbeing from 6am followed?the Civic Ceremony for?Paralympian?Liam Malone at midday.

Rainey said his campaign “hasn’t been without its challenges”.

He said it was disappointing that?”dirty politics” crept into the Nelson election?with leaks of misinformation regarding his business dealings with the council to the Whale Oil blog.

But the grassroots elements of his?campaign have been “heartening”, he said.

“I’ve enjoyed getting out and about and meeting people and have felt pretty humbled by the amount of support that I’ve got.”

Shame your creditors don’t enjoy the same support back. But here’s the thing Pete, mate, it isn’t dirty politics to tell the truth about people.?The problem is that Dirty Politics is inherently the airing of the truth and there are some people as we saw last week who are so deluded about their own ratbag behaviour that they will literally spend millions and still get the same result. Rainey may like to think things are all squeaky clean but there are serious questions surrounding him, especially with what is before the Auditor-General, and when that eventually becomes public then voters will know they dodged a bullet.

People keep missing that dirty politics is the unvarnished truth told brutally,?well timed and using the power of well placed people in politics and media. It is as it ever was.
– Fairfax