Ratbag mayor wants people to act with respect and trust, chance would be a fine thing

One ratbag gets replaced by another ratbag, and he wants everyone to act within an environment of respect and trust?

He could have started by telling the truth about his real thoughts on the dodgy socialist?and world class theatre.

The new mayor of Marlborough District has made a plea for the new council to respect the decision-making process they have been elected to do.

John Leggett – the district’s first new mayor in 12 years, after Alistair Sowman stepped down at the election – told councillors at today’s swearing-in ceremony that he wanted an environment of respect and trust.

Mr Leggett was at the centre of confidential material leaked to an online website before the election, aimed at embarrassing him. ?

Comments he made at a closed-door council meeting about finances surrounding the ASB theatre in Blenheim were covertly recorded and leaked to the public.

Mr Leggett said he expected councillors to operate under the guidelines outlined in the code of conduct, and that the public expected councillors to stick to the principles of collective decision-making.

“It should be something we adhere to all times. It’s a question of bringing together all those elements of trust, honesty and integrity and that’s the degree to which I expect everyone to operate under,” Mr Leggett said.

Councillor Terry Sloan has been re-appointed as the district’s deputy mayor.

I’m glad that Leggett expects councillors to bring together “elements of trust, honesty and integrity” and that he expects everyone to operate under them…including himself.

Perhaps he might like to explain to his fellow councillors how getting hammered in council funded overseas trip, abusing the hosts, talking in derogatory language about host people and misogynisticly about young female hockey players is showing those?”elements of trust, honesty and integrity”.

If he doubts my claims would he like to see the video? Would anyone else? Would the Mex?

I’m not sure blaming his antics on a visit from the piss fairy would be helpful.



– Radio NZ