Real Dirty Politics: Good on ya Hillary…don’t let ethics get in the way of winning

dirty politics

I’m coming for yer guns!

The revelations of shenanigans from the Clinton campaign and associated parties like the DNC are making Nicky Hager’s and the Media party’s wailing over dirty politics look like nothing more than a push and shove at the sandpit of the local kindy.

The latest is that the DNC planted anti-gun people in a?townhall?meeting to set up questions, essentially using dead people to prove a point.

As the fiasco that is the 2016 Presidential Election draws to an inevitable close, gun control is once again becoming a major topic, after being back-burnered for most of the three Presidential debates.

This story from the Washington Times points out that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been walking a fine line on guns as she tries to lure independents and even Republicans away from her opponent, Donald Trump. Clinton has repeatedly called for new gun safety measures, such as expanded background checks, while reassuring voters that law-abiding gun owners won?t be targeting under would-be administration?calls that were repeated during the final debate.

However, it has been made clear that a Clinton administration would mean potentially tougher gun laws on a federal level with a lasting impact on Second Amendment rights. As the story points out, if she becomes president, she will be able to reshape the Supreme Court by appointing justices who are hostile against the Second Amendment, who could then help reverse past decisions like District of Columbia vs. Heller. ?

Indeed, gun owners are having a hard time trusting Clinton?s pacifications when information in the Wikileaks? Podesta email release showed the candidate had gun control supporters planted in a town hall audience in Manchester, New Hampshire, according to

In an email thread dated October 4, 2015, a ?speech draft? was passed around ?on behalf of Megan Rooney.? The email contained ?talking points? for Clinton to use to discuss guns at Manchester Community College.

Then the email goes on to remind everyone: ?But the person who will introduce (Clinton) will tell a story>>>>about gun violence in her life, and there will be people in the audience>>>from gun violence orgs.?

The talking points advised Clinton to begin by saying, ?We?ve seen yet another mass murder?this time, in a community college in Oregon that?s probably a lot like this one,? referring to the October 1 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, the story says.

The story says a text of her speech shows she promised to ?make gun control a top priority? and enumerated controls like an ?assault weapons ban,? an expansion of the list of persons barred from gun possession, and more laws against straw purchases.

It should be mentioned that the Oregon community college campus is a so-called ?gun free zone? and that the alleged shooter acquired his firearm after passing a background check.

There is literally nothing Hillary Clinton won’t do to get elected.

I’m waiting to see who will be the real life Zoe Barnes. Now that would be dirty politics.

The Democrats make dirty politics look like?child play and the left ironically were the ones who were most upset by it all.