Riots predicted for Waitangi…again

The scribble-faces are agitating again:

Threats of riots and protests at Waitangi Day celebrations kept the Prime Minister away this year and the next anniversary is shaping up to be another battle.

Concerns over his safety and a “gagging order” preventing Key from speaking at Te Tii Marae meant he didn’t show up at Waitangi for the first time ever.

Ngapuhi elders and trustees in charge of organising the Waitangi Day celebrations met on Friday to discuss whether they would move all the events to the upper marae and drop the controversial Te Tii marae from the schedule in February.

However many of the “protagonists” didn’t show at the meeting so another one has been organised for the end of the month where it’s expected a vote will take place.

Key said on Monday that he was aware of meetings going on and Ngapuhi have “asked us for an indication at some point whether we intend to return to Waitangi ? we haven’t made that call yet”.

“At some point we’ll engage with them but it’s just a little bit too early at this stage.” ?

Chief of Te Tiriti O Waitangi, Kingi Taurua, who warned Key there would be riots if he showed his face earlier this year couldn’t attend Friday’s meeting.

He says there’s already whisperings that some individuals weren’t happy at the idea of Key returning and wouldn’t “entertain” him being there.

“Last year we put it to a vote and a high majority voted against him coming to the marae.”

Some elders then went behind the committee’s back and invited Key ? showing “disrespect” for the vote, he said.

Taurua was identified as the ring-leader of February’s threats against Key but he says he was actually “protecting” him.

“The PM should be thanking me for what I did.”

How does get fucked sound?

John Key should just?turn his back on Waitangi and the prancing and posturing of the perpetually outraged. Most Kiwis will understand.

Leave the scribble-faces to their posturing.


– Fairfax