Rob Hosking on Tantrum Politics

Politics 2016, globally, is now looking like a children?s party late in the day after the red food colouring items have been over-ingested.

And maybe laced with meth.

In the US, Donald Trump is doing the political equivalent of running around the house screeching he is Superman before developing a suspicious wet stain on the front of his shorts and then hurling into the chocolate crackles bowl. ?[…]


There is Colin Craig, who is more like a … okay, at this point comparisons fail.

Mr Craig is in a category all of his own. It is probably better that way. For everyone.

In general, though, he is part of a growing global infantilism of politics, a tendency for politics to become the arena for tantrum-throwers, nostalgics or the otherwise immature.

Click bait politics versus Traditional politics. ?But do we have the same thing going on with Don Brash’s Hobson’s Pledge? ?

By the time you get to the Hobson Pledge group?s objection to singing the national anthem in Maori, there is no getting away from it.

This is rancid and repugnant racism.

If New Zealand is to have a proud and distinct future of its own, you cannot interpret Governor Hobson?s ?Now we are one people? to mean ?Now we are all transplanted Brits.? Yet that is what the Hobson?s Pledge group implicitly does.

I?ve written here in the past of an emerging, distinctive New Zealand conservatism.

Conservatism is not, though, about wishful thinking. That is for the ideologues of the Left and of the Right.

It is grounded, as the greatest conservative philosopher Edmund Burke wrote, in the customs, traditions and practices of a society.

New Zealand conservatives cannot legitimately add the rider ?unless you?re Maori.?

The fact that Maori require any kind of legislated special conditions is really the issue. ?It is by definition racist to have legislation that caters for one bloodline, and not another. ?And all this is predicated on the idea that Maori are native to New Zealand.

As we saw with Rodney Hide’s oped, that is something we’re not even allowed to discuss at any level, even though deep down we know that the best Maori can do is claim they were the a more recent invader.


– Rob Hosking, NBR