Say what you really mean John, she is an embarassment to New Zealand

Green Party MP Marama Davidson left New Zealand last month to join a "peace flotilla" heading to Gaza. PHOTO-Stuff

Green Party MP Marama Davidson left New Zealand last month to join a “peace flotilla” heading to Gaza. PHOTO-Stuff


Green Party MP Marama Davidson’s detention by Israeli authorities in international waters near Gaza is a “less-than-perfect look” for New Zealand, Prime Minister John Key says.


Green Party MP Marama Davidson is an embarrassment to New Zealand. The Israelis have better things to do than provide photo opportunities for attention whores like Marama and co. The same day they were forced to deal with her and her bunch of virtue signaling crones, rockets were being sent into Sderot.

The?activists? on board only had one purpose and that was to generate negative publicity for Israel. They had no humanitarian aid on board the ship. Knowing this, Israel was clever to intercept them with a naval ship operated by women.

I refuse to quote anything more from the piece of garbage masquerading as fact-based reporting on Stuff. It contained a bare faced lie calling the Israeli actions illegal when in fact?the maritime blockade is legal and the actions of the boat attempting to break through the ?barricade?was the only illegal thing that happened.

Even more disgusting was the way the article described what happened in 2010 when a ship ?the Mavi Marmara clashed with Israeli commandos after illegally attempting to get through the blockade. It was written as though nine innocent Turks were killed because the Israelis went in all guns blazing despite the peaceful actions of the Turks. The reality was very different.

The UN Palmer Report unequivocally confirmed the legality of Israel?s naval blockade and their right to stop ships in international waters.

The report also confirmed Israel?s right to self-defense against Hamas-held Gaza and against the brutal, organized violence unleashed by the IHH terrorists aboard the Mavi Marmara in the 2010 flotilla.

Though the report suggested Israeli soldiers used ?excessive force? on the Mavi Marmara, leading to the regrettable loss of life, the footage of the brutal ambush confirms the independent Turkel Commission?s conclusion that the soldiers behaved ?professionally and in a measured manner in the face of extensive and unanticipated violence.?

The report faulted Turkey for not screening the Mavi Marmara passengers more carefully. Yet, Turkey continues demanding that Israel apologize for the incident. Given this report, it would be more appropriate for Turkey to apologize to Israel for abetting the flotilla and its terrorist passengers.

The Palmer Report clearly vindicated Israel. It is time for publicity stunts and illegal provocations against Israel to end along with ongoing media lies about the legality of the blockade.