Screwing the Social Justice Bully Scrum

Sydney University has female trouble because a cheeky bloke decided to screw the Social Justice Bully scrum by identifying as a woman in order to win an executive position in a student election.Even though it was a prank the SJB’s have been forced to accept his application at face value because it is politically incorrect to demand that a person proves their gender.

It?s perhaps the single greatest prank in the history of University of Sydney student politics. The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

A male staffer for a Liberal MP attempted to identify himself as a woman as part of a sneaky factional deal to win a $12,000 executive position in a student election.

Alex Fitton, who works for New South Wales state MP Mark Taylor, vowed he was not a cisgender male in order to become joint general secretary of the University of Sydney Students? Representative Council on Wednesday night.
In a saner age, this would be accepted as middle-tier banter, laughed at, and dismissed out of hand. But this isn?t a sane age. And now the Left is has fallen on the sword of gender-identity it?s wielded so deftly for so many years.

You see, Political Correctness 101 states that no one ? absolutely no one ? has the right to challenge another?s gender self-identification. Hell, you don?t even have the right to challenge your own dysphoria. So you certainly don?t have a right to challenge some cheeky Liberal student pollie?s.

…He ran for an affirmative action position by pretending to be a woman. He is incredibly blokey. Plays AFL. They all call each other ?the boys?. It?s got no basis at all in fact.

By the sounds of it, the source was a member of the moderate faction of the Young Liberals. The mods were rolled by the right (Fitton?s faction) at the recent SRC election, which is how a blokey, ALF-playing conservative ?boy? is even being considered for a leadership position in Australia?s leftmost university.

But of course this ?source? couldn?t say any of this openly, because even the Centrist and Left wings of the Liberal Party beholden to the Cultural Marxists? sensitivities on sexual identity. You can almost hear the ?source? breaking into a nervous sweat out of fear of being discovered and branded ?transphobic? for making gross assumptions about poor Ms Fitton?s gender.

And that?s not even the best part. The SMH found a more forthcoming source: Cameron Caccamo, chair of the SRC?s legal standing committee. The committee is vested with the impossible task of reviewing Ms Fitton?s claim. Listen to him squirm:

I have received confirmation that [Mr]* Fitton has attempted to notify the RO [returning officer] of his/their gender identity, it has been deemed insufficient, so [Mr] Fitton has the rest of the day to fix that.
?His/their?. You can?t make this stuff up. Anyone with half a brain knows Alex is a boy. It?s as plain as the penis between Caitlin Jenner?s legs. Yet the Left is so beholden to its own pieties that it literally can?t state the obvious. They have to couch their every utterance in this self-righteous palaver.

Anyway, I?m genuinely looking forward to reading the committee?s findings. It can?t help but set an interesting precedent. Thus far, there?s been absolutely no qualification to self-identifying as the opposite gender. A simple verbal declaration is all that?s necessary. In fact, you shouldn?t even have to declare your gender: using gendered pronouns to refer to someone without first consulting them on their ?identity? is CIS-normative and thus strictly disallowed by the PC elites.

So how are the Left now going to prove that Fitton is lying, when they themselves believe asking for proof of one?s transgenderism is the height of insensitivity?…