Serious Voter fraud revealed in Australia

We revealed on Whaleoil that “extreme left wing, hate speech blogger, ” Martyn Bradbury (or as we like to call him Martyn Martin ) was enrolled to vote twice at the last election. One enrollment was for Martin Bradbury and the other for Martyn Bradbury. For the two enrollments to occur two separate forms had to be filled out and individually mailed in so it cannot be dismissed as someone else’s mistake. We have no evidence that he actually used this ” error ” to vote twice but simply brought to the public’s attention that the potential for voter fraud was there because of the double enrollment.

In Australia, actual voter fraud has been revealed on a grand scale with some people voting up to ELEVEN times. They had only enrolled once but they simply went to different voting stations. It was only after the election that the fraud was discovered. Each time they voted their name was crossed off at the station they visited. It is the same system we use here in New Zealand and it clearly needs to be changed. There also needs to be serious consequences for voter fraud as at the moment there appears to be no consequence at all.

In marginal seats, this kind of voter fraud can actually affect the outcome. While I do not support online voting I think as names are manually crossed out their individual code should be entered at the same time into the national database online. This online database should immediately alert the person at the voting booth if that code has already been entered and then immediate action should be taken to arrest the person attempting to commit vote fraud.