Should Family First be renamed Misogyny First?

Three wives, numerous mistresses, nearly a dozen victims coming forward, but Bob McCoskrie’s?Family First re-tweeting in Donald Trump’s defence.

One of the most extraordinary days during the Williams v Craig defamation trial was when Colin Craig was lining up cronies to try to defend the indefensible in his treatment of Rachel MacGregor.? The various witnesses -?mostly Conservative Party officials and staff -all coincidently sung off the identical song sheet:??inappropriate? nothing more, nothing less. They even all had the same spelling mistake in their?briefs of evidence.

They were forced to read the ?You are wonderful? love letter with the “You have the most beautiful?”?line.? They all refused to accept that it was ?sleazy? or evidence of sexual harassment when questioned by Williams? lawyers. They merely parroted Colin Craig’s favourite word ‘inappropriate’. ?

One of the people defending Mr Craig was another former champion of ?family values? Bob McCoskrie ? head of Family First.

And it appears that Family First / Bob McCoskrie are so wedded to the rights of Family Misogyny First policies it is even willing to defend the misogyny of none other than Donald J Trump.


One might have assumed that Mr McCoskrie was standing up for his mate Colin – perhaps in thanks for donations Mr Craig may have made to Bob’s wacko?group.

At least we now know who Bob McCoskrie?really stands for…