Should have played rugby

This guy really should have played rugby, he’d be fine then with all his legal problems.

A former Tall Black and Nuggets basketballer’s application for a discharge without conviction on an assault charge has been refused.

Judge Bernadette Farnan convicted Craig Robert Bradshaw, 32, of Auckland, on a charge of assaulting Queenstown bouncer Gareth Johnson with intent to injure in the resort on June 13, 2014.

She fined Bradshaw $500 and ordered him to pay his victim $750 reparation for emotional harm when he appeared in the Queenstown District Court yesterday.

Judge Farnan found the charge proven in June after a judge-alone trial at which Bradshaw denied kicking Mr Johnson in the head as he lay on the ground.

Bradshaw played four years of college basketball in the United States before a professional career with clubs in New Zealand, Australia, Spain, South Korea and Latvia from 2007 to 2012.

He represented New Zealand from 2004 to 2010, making his debut at the 2004 Olympic Games. ?

Defence counsel Liam Collins said the defendant had lost his job of four years with Fuji Xerox as a result of media coverage of the trial.

He was now on a three-month trial with a new employer but that job was contingent on getting a discharge, Mr Collins said.

His embarrassment at the media coverage had been exacerbated by a 16-month delay in a date being set for a trial – a trial later put off from October last year to June this year – for reasons not entirely the defendant’s fault.

He urged a discharge be granted on the grounds of Bradshaw’s “exceptional previous character” and the likely impact of a conviction on his ability to care for his young daughter.

Judge Farnan said there was no independent evidence showing the defendant had lost his job as a result of the media attention, but rather that he was made redundant.

He had denied assaulting the victim and given no hint of remorse other than making an offer of reparation that day.

Riiight, so the judge didn’t buy his crocodile tears so he runs off to the media for some good old fashioned criminal sympathy.

With a tale of woe like that, it is almost a joke. Which?is a shame really because had it been a joke he might have been able to claim he was a comedian who only made people laugh. In any case perhaps if he had played rugby he would have avoided all the court thingy…they get a free pass in the courts.


– NZ Herald