The SJB and Media Party?s war on right-wing opinion makers continues

The lefties are all having massive panty wetting moments with attacks on Mike Hosking and now Paul Henry.

Mediawatch, the lefty luvvies at Red Radio devoted their programme to Hosking?but haven’t mentioned a peep about the drug death in Cambodia of a senior Herald journalist.

Apparently having?an opinion that differs from theirs or John Drinnan’s is evil.

The BSA pointed to “litmus test? research last year which found people were so accustomed to Hosking?s on-air editorialising most people would immediately recognise it as mere opinion.

?Anyone thinking that?s a fact would either be on drugs – or doesn?t like Hosking,? one person told the BSA.

?In reality we can?t generalise from the results of a small sample to understand the likely impact of airing repeated opinions night after night from a state broadcaster on the attitudes of a wider population,”

Professor Hayward said this in a response on Facebook.

She said she regretted bringing the complaint because she believed the ruling gave strength to the argument that a presenter in a prime time news show could be both ?inaccurate? and ?dismissive? if comment was pitched as opinion. ?

She went on to make this point:

?This was not aired on student radio or local television – this is the state broadcaster. It provided a privileged platform to air prejudice which it then defended as opinion.?

If the right to freely air a sincerely-held opinion was the only issue, the media shouldn?t matter, but it does make a difference that TVNZ is publicly-owned.

“TVNZ should not be aligning itself with one view of the world,? New Zealand Herald media writer John Drinnan said?back in May. TVNZ needed to “take back control of Seven Sharp,” he said.

Just as outfits like ACC and the Super Fund must adhere to ethical principles when investing on behalf of New Zealanders, TVNZ should not privilege the political views held by Mike Hosking?- or anyone else – over others.

But TVNZ clearly does this, by giving a pulpit to Mike Hosking each weeknight.

Where is John Drinnan on Red Radio aligning itself with once view of the world? Oh, that’s right, it’s ok for them because he agrees with their world view.

The same tactics used in the US to silence conservative voices are now being deployed here.

Does anyone look at the line-up of Radio Live from morning til night, with pinkos and activists on one after the other? Or the slow?and deathly erosion of conservative voices at NewstalkZB? The ending of conservative voices in the Herald replaced with crying and mewling babies like Lizzie Marvelly? Nope, because they are approved.

There is a campaign, and it is persistent, and the left-wing will win, mark me. Conservative voices are being silenced and they will use any means possible. Look at what the left-wing tried to do to me.

I can see the time approaching where NZ version of Infowars, Truth Revolt and Rebel Media are established to ensure conservative voices continue to be heard. There are some of out there that have audiences much larger than any of those mentioned in this post.


– Radio NZ