Sledge of the Day

I’m liking Theresa May more and more.

She delivered up this outstanding sledge at the Labour party:

?The Labour Party is not just divided, but divisive. Determined to pit one against another. To pursue vendettas and settle scores. And to embrace the politics of pointless protest that doesn?t unite people but pulls them further apart? So let?s have no more of Labour?s absurd belief that they have a monopoly on compassion. Let?s put an end to their sanctimonious pretence of moral superiority.?

That holds true as much in New Zealand as it does in the UK.

This was delivered in a keynote speech to the Conservative party conference.

Other?brilliant lines are: ?

On the possibility of a second referendum
?Come on! The referendum vote was clear, it was legitimate, it was the biggest vote for change this country has ever known. Brexit means Brexit and we are going to make a success of it.?

On Article 50
?There will be no unnecessary delays in invoking Article 50, we will invoke it when we are ready and we will be ready soon. We will invoke Article 50 no later than the end of March next year [2017].?

On immigration
?We have voted to leave the European Union and become a fully independent, sovereign country. We will do what independent, sovereign countries do. We will decide for ourselves how we control immigration. And we will be free to pass our own laws.?

On Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
?Because we voted in the referendum as one United Kingdom, we will negotiate as one United Kingdom, and we will leave the European Union as one United Kingdom. There is no opt-out from Brexit. And I will never allow divisive nationalists to undermine the precious union between the four nations of our United Kingdom.?

On workers’ rights
?Existing workers? legal rights will continue to be guaranteed in law – and they will be guaranteed as long as I am prime minister. We?re going to see workers? rights not eroded, and not just protected, but enhanced under this government.?

On repealing the 1972 European Communities Act
?Our laws will be made not in Brussels but in Westminster. The judges interpreting those laws will sit not in Luxembourg but in courts in this country. The authority of EU law in Britain will end.?

Strong stuff and she is showing precisely why it is she leads Jeremy Corbyn by over 40 points in preferred Prime Minister stakes.

I bet John Key is watching this with glee…and Winston Peters as they will seek to do the same next year…steal Labour’s voters.

The establishment must stop sneering at the patriotism of ordinary Britons, Theresa May will say today.

During her keynote speech to the Conservative conference, the Prime Minister will proclaim that the Tories are now the party of working class people.

In a bid to attract millions of disaffected Labour voters across the country, she will add that?concerns about immigration have for too long been dismissed as ?distasteful? and ?parochial?.

She will attack the condescending views of politicians and establishment figures who are ?bewildered? by the fact that more than 17 million people voted for Britain to leave the European Union.

Her attack will also be seen as a coded criticism of David Cameron’s government which she has suggested focused too much on “the privileged few”.

Mrs May will use her speech to declare that she is putting both the Tory party and the country ?on the path towards the new centre ground of British politics?.

It will be seen as an attempt to win over traditional Labour voters who were alienated by Jeremy Corbyn?s recent declaration that he is ?relaxed? about the prospect of uncontrolled immigration to Britain.

?Just listen to the way a lot of politicians and commentators talk about the public,? Mrs May will say. ?They find their patriotism distasteful, their concerns about immigration parochial, their views about crime illiberal, their attachment to their job security inconvenient. They find the fact that more than seventeen million people voted to leave the European Union simply bewildering.?

Andrew Little will be cringing as yet another smart politician targets the?centre ground in politics. Politics is all about the centre, unfortunately, Labour is all about the margins…hard left margins at that.


-The Telegraph